Kirsch: Kaufman Institute for Coincidence

Kaufman Institute for Coincidence (KIC) launches nationwide ad campaign

KIC’s new TV ad is compelling. At KIC, you can get treated for vaccine injuries and they promise NOT get your doctor in trouble for suggesting that you take the vax! This is a MUST see ad.

Steve Kirsch2 hr ago

Click the image to see their new 2-minute TV ad. 

Trust me. This is the best TV ad I’ve seen in a LONG time from a trusted medical institution.

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Should we run this ad on national TV?


Update on my $1M bet

Saar Wilf remains the only person in the entire world who believes the vaccines were helpful and reduced all-cause mortality and who was willing to put his money behind his conviction. But he was only willing to wager $500K. 

NOBODY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD is willing to risk a full $1M that these vaccines are beneficial. See my article I’m willing to bet anyone in the world $1M that the COVID vaccines have increased all-cause mortality in the US. Any takers?

They are willing to risk YOUR LIFE on their vaccines, but they will not risk $1M of their own money on this bet?!!?? This should be a “sure thing, no risk bet.” Why won’t anyone accept my offer? 

Not even the drug manufacturers themselves believe their product is beneficial. Not even Bill Gates is willing to risk $1M that what he told people was right. They do not want to see this issue debated. This has to be very deeply disturbing for anyone with critical thinking skills.


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