Daily Sceptic: Criticism of ‘Died Suddenly’

Dr. Josh Guetzkow reminds us to be sceptical of confirmation bias in accepting all that we are being told. In a response to Stew Peter’s “Died Suddenly”, he makes excellent counter arguments to the interpretation of the military’s DMED data and reinterprets Bill Gates’ Ted Talk on vaccines as a way to control population. He… Continue Reading →

Lab Leak: John Campbell Apologizes for Putting Too Much Trust in Leading Scientific Journals

In February 2020, two of the leading science journals, The Lancet and Nature Medicine, published disinformation articles. The papers were backed by a multitude of ‘prestigious’ hacks who, to their eternal shame, ignored inconvenient evidence and preemptively proclaimed ‘The Science”; that Covid was a natural zoonotic virus and any thought that it could be a… Continue Reading →

US National Science Foundation : Not Just STEM Anymore Biden’s National Science Foundation Has Pumped Nearly $40 Million Into Social Media Censorship Grants and Contracts Nov 22 2022, When most people think of the National Science Foundation (NSF), they think about the US government investing tax dollars in grand advancements in mathematics, aerospace and engineering. But under the Biden administration, the fastest-growing field… Continue Reading →

Danielle Smith: The Full Cycle of Conservatism

Well I guess that settles it, I am a Conservative. Danielle Smith brings the adults back in charge, in this hour and a half she shows herself to have a great understanding of economics, free enterprise and the needs of regular folks. She even gives small modular reactors favourable buzz showing the kind of intelligence… Continue Reading →

Channeling His Inner Castro

Trudeau’s Liberal Government Introduces Amendments Banning SKS and Other Semi-Automatic Firearms The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Castro channeled his inner Castro as his fascist government announced a statewide ban on the sale, purchase, and transfer of handguns effective immediately last October. Canadians cannot also bring newly acquired handguns into the country. The nationwide… Continue Reading →

Steve Kirsch: A Lot Has Happened

A lot has happened since my last Substack article (Part 1) Here are the highlights from the last 7 days… Steve Kirsch26 min ago So much has happened in the last week. Here are the highlights. This is a long article but I kept each topic very short. Buckle up… I’m featured on American Thought… Continue Reading →

BC Bill 36: Big Government Knows Best

Following up on their success in bullying the citizens of BC into being injected with experimental gene therapies, the BC government wants to capitalize on the trust they have gained over the past two years to gather even more power. Why let local professional bodies make their own decisions based on science and experience when… Continue Reading →

JoNova: Greatest Scandal in Medical History

In South Australia last year suddenly lots of young adults went to hospital with “cardiac issues” By Jo Nova, The South Australian Health department must have known about the surge of young people with heart problems, but they did nothing. The only reason we have this data now is because Senator Rennick filed an FOIA… Continue Reading →


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