The ‘experts’ have abrogated their responsibilities and it is now up to us with some scientific training, to distill, analyze and disseminate what we think is the truth. If we are wrong, so be it. The greatest fault will be inaction.

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A Complete Inversion of Right and Wrong We Must Reject Liberal Attempts To Demoralize & Demonize Those Who Want To Protect Our Country The tone taken by Liberal partisans and even some Liberal MPs on social media has become increasingly unhinged. The Liberals are clearly feeling the pressure, as Justin Trudeau’s many years of selling out our nation to China comes... Continue Reading →

Time For Trudeau to Go! House Of Commons Votes For Public Inquiry Into Foreign Interference InsightSpencerFernandoMarch 23, 2023 The motion is non-binding on the government. But if the Trudeau Liberals ignore the vote, it will only confirm their cover-up and unwillingness to protect Canada’s democracy. The House of Commons has voted for a motion calling for a public inquiry... Continue Reading →

Endless Lies The Same People Who Are Endlessly Lying To You Are Demanding The Power To Define Truth Online OpinionSpencerFernandoMarch 22, 2023 The Liberal government is lying at a truly stunning pace. Each day brings a new falsehood, a new easily-debunked claim, and a new desperate move to try and distract Canadians with dishonest narratives. And... Continue Reading →

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