ESG: How Your Own Savings Can Work Against You Backlash: BlackRock CEO says attacks on ESG investing are getting ugly and personal By Jo Nova Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock. | Bloomberg Two wins. BlackRock has agreed to Ron DeSantis’ demands that Florida’s state pension funds can’t be used for eco-activism fantasy quests (like ESG*). Now they have to be used to make profits for the... Continue Reading →

Who Wants to Live Forever?

Can you imagine a world, a glorious future world (well maybe now) where the paragons of our age, wild Bill Gates, horrible Hillary, fuhrer Klaus Schwab, noxious Nancy Pelosi and cadaverous John Kerry get to swill their champagne, slurp their caviar, swoop their private jets and shape onerous rules for us, the not so special... Continue Reading →

Why Would Anyone Listen to Jagmeet Singh?

Good medical practise would be to listen to what Jagmeet has to say then do something else. The man at the very least is an embarrassment and a betrayer of those who voted for the NDP. Irrational Fearmongering Over Expanded Private Healthcare Delivery Is Deeply Counterproductive InsightSpencerFernandoJanuary 18, 2023 The obsession with which many... Continue Reading →

WEF: Going Full Catastrophe

All hyperbole and no facts - the WEF is in crisis trying to convince their followers that they are not just a bunch of rich elites complaining about those intrusive commoners. Nutjobs at the World Economic Forum Declare New Crises Facing the World The World Economic Forum brings together politicians, corporate leaders, government leaders... Continue Reading →

World Economic Forum – The Comedy “The WEF Is Often Described as a Group of Supervillains, But They’re Also Hilariously Idiotic – Not Just Evil, Buffoonish” – Tucker Carlson Destroys the WEF (VIDEO) Last night Tucker Carlson literally destroyed the World Economic Forum that is meeting in Davos this week.  Carlson highlighted that “The WEF is often described as a group of... Continue Reading →

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