Next They Came for the Farmers Tens of Thousands of Dutch Farmers Protest in The Hague: “Resist Much, Obey Little!” by Richard Abelson Mar. 13, 2023 8:45 am201 CommentsActivist Eva Vlaardingerbroek hitched a ride to The Hague Saturday Tens of thousands of Dutch citizens came out to protest the WEF-inspired campaign against Dutch farmers on Saturday in The Hague, under the motto... Continue Reading →

Who You Gonna Believe?

Remember all of those authority figures? Those experts who you could always trust, the clergy for their command of ethics and mortality, the teachers for their mastery of knowledge, the scientists for their prowess in ... well ... science of course, the physicians for their skills in all things medical and of course the journalists... Continue Reading →

Fauci’s Fabrications

One man's ego and tens of thousands of American deaths, millions worldwide. A couple of weeks ago we had our yearly visit from relatives who live in the states. Democrats both, in past years I learned to bide my tongue when they went on about Trump's scandalous behaviour. But this year it was too much... Continue Reading →

Lies the Government Told US

Chuck Shumer doesn't think that we can figure things out for ourself. He thinks that the Jan 6 committee had the exclusive right to observe the data, interpret the meaning and issue abstracts that we were not to take issue with. This contradicts the whole issue of Free Speech where the information should be available... Continue Reading →

Breathtaking Corruption and Fraud in Arizona and a State Near You WATCH: Forensic Investigator John Thaler Joins Brannon Howse Following EXPLOSIVE Claims That Sinaloa Cartel Uses Bribes, Money Laundering To Control Maricopa County Elections by Jordan Conradson Feb. 25, 2023 9:00 pm67 Comments Attorney John Thaler joined Brannon Howse with former Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem Friday night on Lindell TV to explain the alleged phony mortgage... Continue Reading →

Not Racist – Just Common Sense?

To Allan: Interesting how several politicians have jumped on Christine Anderson making it wrongthink to even have a conversation with her. Used to be that if you disagreed with someone you could have a polite conversation to assess the issues. I have never been so secure in my own political knowledge to think that I... Continue Reading →

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