Yes Christine, There is a Covid Virus

There is a group out there confidently asserting that there actually isn’t a Covid virus and that the proof is that no lab has purified this virus. There are even plans to take this to court, sure that they will pull down the whole Covid sham.

I think they will be laughed out of the courtroom but only after they have done great mischief to the arguments brought forward by reputable scientists who are questioning the way the health cartel has handled the shamdemic.

You don’t have to purify the virus to identify its presence. Each virus has its own distinct genetic code and that can be identified with PCR and antigenic testing. Even if you think this is flawed, that the PCR is part of the scam and that influenza and pneumonia have been misidentified as Covid, there is a disease out there that has made people very sick. You are gonna have a hell of a time convincing anyone that has had or known people who have had a bad illness that Covid actually doesn’t exist. All you will do is give the media all the ammo they need to label everyone protesting the mandates and the loss of our Rights and Freedoms as unacceptables.

Steve Kirsch has this to say:

Settling the virus debate challenge from Dr. Sam Bailey

Steve Kirsch

They have a new challenge out. But they won’t debate any of us, they won’t tell me what I caught if it wasn’t COVID, and they want 5 labs to work for free. Stunning.

Many people have heard about Christine Massey, Sam Bailey, Mark Bailey, Tom Cowen, Andrew Kaufman, Stefan Lanka, and Tim Truth and their claims that the COVID virus doesn’t exist. Their latest antics are to challenge the scientific community to spend their money to do exactly what they specify in order to prove to them that they are wrong.

Here are the details:
I requested a debate with Christine’s team, but Christine wrote she was too busy to reply at the time. Now she wrote to me that she won’t debate me. Richard Fleming requested a debate with them as well and they wouldn’t debate him either. I asked Christine, “OK, so if it isn’t a virus, explain to me what my wife caught from her golfing friend who had COVID, and what I caught from my wife. If it wasn’t the COVID virus, then what the heck was it? The COVID tests were positive for all of us after we got symptoms.” Every email, Christine avoided answering my question. So I had to ask several times! Finally, she wrote the following:

“Steve, I sent you the challenge and now you insist on diverting the conversation to your wife and asking what covid is and what people (who I have zero direct knowledge of) allegedly caught.  We all know what covid is claimed to be and what people think they “caught”.”

So she was being evasive and her answer to my simple question is evasive once again! This is important. They cannot answer this simple question. It is their Achilles heel. They like to claim that the virus doesn’t exist, but when you turn the tables on them, they are caught like a deer in the headlights and they cannot explain what COVID is if it isn’t a virus, nor do they have a set of tests to PROVE that THEIR theory of what it actually is is correct. Watch this video at 1:47:19.

Why aren’t THEY spending the money to prove THEIR theory? Gotta wonder about that one. It’s not cheap to do the tests they are requesting and they won’t pay the costs. They claim they have some money available but refuse to disclose how much money they have raised. They basically insist that rich people like me should spend our money to prove that they are wrong. I already know they are wrong. I don’t need to waste money on it. It’s a bad use of funds. I suspect their purpose is to distract us from the main vaccine narrative. If they want to fund the research they want, we are happy to do it.

Their challenge to prove there is a virus was accepted by Dr. Kevin W. McCairn, who created a web page accepting the challenge and asking them to put up the money to pay for the tests they wanted. Now, for some odd reason, they do not accept the offer that they asked for.  When McCairn pointed out that the challenge was accepted and the originators then didn’t reply, Christine ostensibly threatened McCairn with legal action. You really can’t make this stuff up. Here’s the actual email exchange with McCairn’s acceptance and also a debate offer from Dr. Fleming. Now of course, they will then tell their followers that McCairn, Fleming, and I are all bad people and they don’t want to waste their time with us.

Comments from another member of our team

They are asking for 5 labs to jump through their hoops. What lab would do this? They claim to have funding to support this but don’t specify its size or the strings attached. No lab will want to get involved in this radioactive study if not compensated for the expense. It’s not cheap. They want EM, whole genome sequencing and BL2/3 cell culture. Every lab knows they will be walking into a study with an endless tirade of sideline criticism. No one will sign up for it and they will declare victory since everyone ignored them. They also emphasized that all genomes should be identical from the same patient. This isn’t true and seems like a setup. viral tropism has been documented.  sequencing errors and cDNA synthesis errors will occur but at a low frequency.

When I press these folks on why any given study doesn’t meet their standards, I don’t get technical rebuttals. I get “Gates funded it” or “Fauci funded it” types of answers which dismiss most of the evidence we have unfortunately. [ i.e., they dismiss our evidence not for technical reasons, but based on who funded the research ] They are also demanding the protein coat be detected. Seems like a setup given we know RNA is the infective unit and the protein coat distractionary. I’ve already burned countless hours with Stafano Scoglio on this and he quickly resorts to ad hominem attacks when presented with papers that challenge his thesis.  I would just tell them to call us when they find labs that agree to their proposals. 

Summary The bottom line is this: We’ll debate them. But none of them will debate any of us. We accepted their challenge provided they fund it, but they won’t put up the money to do the tests they want. They expect us to pay for it.  Christine Massey has never been able to answer the simple question: “ok, so if COVID isn’t a virus, then what made me sick recently which was consistent with COVID and registered positive on multiple antigen tests?”

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  1. The virus is the ‘flu made out to be a monster by advertising. The ‘flu is the internal toxicosis of the body and is individual to each person. If they look at anything resembling the coronavirus it is the exosome, the body’s defence system, which I write about on my site.

    As Covid 19/the ‘flu is the internal poisoning of the body, you cannot pass it on so you cannot ‘catch it’ from anyone else.

    Vitamin D deficiency is the true pandemic and people get Covid 19/the ‘flu for this and other reasons. There are numerous toxins in the environment and if any fool says ‘Well I got Covid, there must be a virus, that will be the issue’

    The hoax is that the masses have been persuaded that the Covid 19 is a monster mutant rather than merely the poisoning of an individual who has different lifestyle, different food intake etc.

    This is not rocket science, but common sense. Each individual has to be looked at individually, not as a herd.

    So asking ‘what made me sick’ requires a thorough physical examination and testing regime plus detailed questioning of someone habits, diet etc. That cannot be debated, it requires a considerable input of time and effort.

    And a lot of the toxins that are in us are not routinely tested for or indeed tests readily available.


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