How Others See Canada

WATCH: Joe Rogan Says ‘Canada Is Communist’ And Calls Trudeau A ‘F***ing Dictator’

Joe Rogan didn’t miss his chance to take a swing at Justin Trudeau, sharing his opinions of the Canadian Prime Minister. 

His commentary centered around the northern country’s insane standards for public health regarding the COVID jab and the inability to function as an independent human being outside of the Prime Minister’s edicts. 

On Thursday, Rogan sat down with stand-up comedian Tom Segura on episode 1844 of The Joe Rogan Experience.

When Rogan told Segura that Donald Trump is cut out of Home Alone when it plays in Canada, the two started ripping into the country.

“Canada’s communist. They’re f**ked. They’re f**ked. They gotta get rid of that guy,” Rogan said about Trudeau.

“I feel like he’s been prime minister for a while,” said Segura. “Am I wrong?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know how their system works up there,” responded Rogan, explaining that he has “zero understanding” of it and has “never looked into it at all.”

“I liked him before the pandemic,” he admitted. “I was like; he’s a handsome guy. Seems sweet. You know, like a good-looking guy. Confident. Good talker.”

But his opinion of the PM took a turn.

“And then during the pandemic, I’m like, ‘Oh, you’re a f**king dictator.’ Oh, you don’t like criticism?  You’re trying to shut down criticism by saying that all your critics are misogynists and racists,” Rogan claimed. “Yeah, he’s gross. He’s a sketchy guy.”

The two discussed the nation’s requirements of being vaccinated every few months and the inability to even visit the country without being vaccinated. Nothing good was left on the table regarding their views of the Canadian leader. 

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