R.W. Malone: Just Asking

So, I just have to ask

R.W. Malone

A simple question. I am not an economist, and never even took Economics in college (plenty of political science, but no economics), so what do I know. But I have certainly lived through some interesting times. Please help me to understand.

To set the stage for my question, the US taxpayers bailed out the large banks when they crashed the global economy during 2007-2008 (Thanks, Obama, who was raised by a banker). I did not get a bail out. You probably also just had to suck it up. But the big banks worked with the (privately owned) Federal Reserve bank, US Government, and Blackrock and destroyed their competition (the savings and loan industry), small businesses all across the country, and decimated the finances of homeowners who had been enticed into multiple cycles of refinancing. Meanwhile, these same big banks who were largely responsible for the economic catastrophe essentially got free money (paper fiat currency printed by the Federal Reserve and injected into the economy via the big banks, which is really just another form of taxation – by the privately owned Federal Reserve!).

And these are the same banks, managers and hedge funds who think that they have the wisdom, knowledge, and skills to manage the entire world. And they apparently believe that they just need to be able to digitally track everyone’s behavior, purchases, political activities, bank accounts, and all other aspects of our lives so that they can properly manage us via social credit scores, ESG scores, etc. These large banks and investment funds (Larry Fink/Blackrock, State Street, Vanguard etc.) seem to believe that if they have all of this individual level data and tracking capabilities on all of us, together with a centralized world digital currency, then they will be able to properly manage all of us.

So the question. 

Who put the bankers in charge of the world?

This is crazy. It must stop. They have repeatedly demonstrated their incompetence, hubris, arrogance and greed. Somehow, the power of the Billionaires, Privately Owned Central Banks, Massive “Investment/Hedge funds”, and all of their cute little clubs and private societies needs to be curtailed or (preferably, in my opinion) destroyed. 

We need to confront the truth which has been hidden behind all of this. The truth which has been revealed by the gross mismanagement of COVID-19. The world has empowered monopolists (such as Bill Gates) and monopolies to capture far too much power and control. They need to be brought to heel. For the sake of all of us. For the sake of humanity. For the sake of our children, if nothing else. Bill Gates is just another human, albeit a human with a stupidly large amount of wealth which he has accrued by monopolistic practices. And he has used that wealth to exert control by corrupting institutions all across the globe. No one elected him to rule the world. And he must be stopped.

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