Waiting for a Public Apology

For several months now the health cartel has been coercing and lecturing us with variations on these themes:

You must get doubly vaxxed/boosted or you won’t be able to:

• go to restaurants

• travel

• associate with friends

• see your elderly and ill parents

• work in health and teaching jobs

• go to school

• play sports

If you don’t get vaxxed you will be:

• stigmatized for not ‘following the science’

• described as a fringe minority of misogynists and racists

• told you don’t belong in Canada

• denied health care

• ostracized from and insulted by obedient Canadians

• reviled for the pandemic of the unvaccinated

• smeared by unquestioning media

As I have said elsewhere, when I first joined in with a crowd protesting the vaccinations I was pleasantly surprised that most of the protestors were well informed, aware that the vaccines were leaking and had many severe adverse effects. It was the counter protestors who were ill informed, claiming they ‘followed the science’, yet their arguments were reduced to shouting insults and flipping the bird.

 The BCCDC has just updated their Vax Donut Charts, now spanning the 4 weeks of April 3 to April 30, 2022.

In a recent article on previous Donuts, there were 14% unvaxxed and that has apparently not changed in the past two weeks. The number of boosted has increased slightly from 50% to 51%. If we lump the singly vaxxed in with the unvaxxed there were 17.8% of these under vaxxed two weeks ago and 17.5% now. Combining the double vaxxed with the boosted, there are 83% who are considered fully vaxxed (rounding affects the totals).

A simple hypothesis, ignoring differences in age distributions, would be that if the vaccines were ineffective, the number of cases should reflect vaccine status, ie 17.5% under vaxxed should reflect in 17.5% of cases. With a large sample size of 8358, the 17.5% of unvaxxed have only 14.8% of the cases, the 83% of fully vaxxed have 85% of the cases. A small difference indicating that the vaccines are totally ineffective perhaps having a slight negative efficacy.

The loss of efficacy has been recognized for awhile now, but it has been difficult to admit that the boosters have already lost any brief charm they may have had. There should be no remaining argument that the vaccines are lessening catching or transmitting Covid.

Changing the message, the health cartel promoted that the vaccines are making the disease milder, saving hospitalizations, critical care and lives. The Donut Charts show that the 17.5% of the under vaxxed are accounting for 17.4% of the hospitalizations and 19% of critical care. With numbers this close to the expected, it is hardly a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

Two weeks ago, the 82% of fully vaxxed accounted for 87% of the deaths with the 50% boosted accounting for a huge 73% of the deaths, up 15% in one month. Now, 83% of the fully vaccinated have a whopping 91% of deaths, the 17.5% under vaxxed are only 9% of the deaths. There has also been a doubling of Covid deaths with the large majority of these new deaths among the fully vaxxed. With such a large increase in death rates in such a short time, it is likely that there will be further increases among the fully vaccinated. 

There should be some pleasure in vindication, but this is a horror, a slowly unravelling horror. Over the past year there have been thousands of warnings, warnings silenced by a complicit health cartel with their mantra of ’no vaccine hesitancy’ and doing the bidding of their pharmaceutical pushers. And the horror will continue as we become more aware of the toll of lockdowns, a looming economic crisis, serious adverse effects and possible long term health consequences of the vaccines.

We have been ill served by our politicians and the health cartel. We are owed a public apology, an apology from our Premier and our Prime Minister, an apology that forgives us for having done our homework, for being more aware of the dangers of the vaccines and for our protesting trying to bring that knowledge to our fellow Canadians.

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