How are Those Vaccinations Working’?

It doesn’t seem to be well known, but you can look up a lot of British Columbia’s Covid Data at the BC CDC website. Of particular interest are the graphs available at the BCCDC Covid-19 Survellance Dashboard and follow the link to the Vax Donut Charts. Here you can solve many of those niggling (can I use that word?) problems about vaccination effectiveness. 

Back in early October, 2021, the donut graphs looked like this:

At that time, according to the BC CDC data, 23% of British Columbians were unvaccinated, and 71% were double vaccinated. The number of cases among the unvaccinated was 66%, disproportionately large compared to the number of unvaccinated. Deaths among the unvaccinated were 57% of the total which calculated at 5X the rate for the double vaccinated.

This was the time of  “a pandemic of the unvaccinated”, exploiting the fear to get more jabs into more arms. There was however, another alarm bell ringing and that was that the double vaccinated were contracting Covid and dying of Covid despite the assurances of a ‘safe and effective vaccine’. Overlooked (or intentionally avoided in the mindless quest to lessen vaccine hesitancy) was that a leaky vaccine is an ideal selection pressure to promote the emergence of new variants. And sure enough the variants kept on coming. As the viral spike proteins evolved, the vaccines became less and less effective and the only approved medical response was a booster, the same old mRNA genetic ‘vaccine’ that aimed where the virus used to be a few dozen mutations ago. It was already predicted that the effectiveness of a booster would be measured in weeks, not months.

By this time. there were warning signs with decreasing vaccine effectiveness in Israel and the UK and increasing numbers of cases among the double vaccinated. Even so our own BC CDC promised us that more and more boosters would be the solution. 

So how has that worked out for us?

By March 2022, one month ago, using relentless coercion and misinformation, the number of unvaccinated had dropped by 9% to 14% of the BC population of 5.3 million. An impressive 49% had their third shot. This time, however, the number of cases among the unvaccinated was only slightly higher than their proportion in the population, 15% of cases with 14% unvaccinated. Alarmingly, the double vaccinated and boosted were a full 83% of cases. These stats were not exposed by the negligent media, the ruse of a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ continued and the unvaccinated were doggedly berated and ostracized. 

There were, however, more deaths among the unvaccinated than predicted, 24% of the deaths or 22 deaths compared to 13 expected. The number of deaths lags cases, simply because it can take weeks to die with Covid and the number of Covid deaths may be more representative of the number of cases from a month before.

Another alarm should have been ringing, the vaccinated were now making up 74% of the total number of deaths. If the vaccines were just ineffective, the boosted would presumably be about 49% of the Covid deaths but the number was greater with a large 58% of Covid related deaths. Cool heads at the BC CDC explained that the elderly were a larger proportion of the boosted, the elderly have a higher death rate – nothing to see here. However, the data still coming in from Israel and the UK indicated that there could soon be 90% of deaths among the vaccinated.

That takes us to April 2022:

A  month later and the number of boosted has increased by only 1% and most of those were already double vaccinated. The hard core unvaccinated have stayed steady at 14% of the population. It seems that a large number of British Columbians have, with good reason, become vaccine skeptics. 

With 82% of BC double or triple vaccinated the number of cases among these vaccinated is now 84%. and for the 14% unvaccinated their case rate is an equivalent 14%. The vaccines apparently are not preventing contracting or transmitting the virus. If there are no differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated in their likelihood to infect others, how is one group more dangerous than the other? All of those mandates that denigrate the unvaccinated and prevent them from participating in normal activities should be immediately scrapped. Media coverage and apologies would be nice.

There was the argument that people who had been vaccinated were less likely to have bad outcomes from the illness, but that is changing. The worst outcome of course is death, and the 82% of ‘fully’ vaccinated are now over represented with 87% of the Covid deaths. The 14% unvaccinated only represent 11% of the deaths. Most alarming is that the 50% of the population who are boosted now represent a whopping 73% of the deaths, up 15% in one month. Almost at that 90% mortality for the vaccinated it looks like the much maligned ‘antivaxxers’ were wise to be cautious about getting an experimental gene therapy masquerading as a vaccine. 

What are your predictions for next month? 

It is evident that the vaccines have not only failed, they represent an ongoing danger to our families, friends, children and neighbours. Even if you are in a high risk group any benefit appears to be slight, probably nonexistent. The data provided by the BC CDC compels us to immediately abandon further use of these Covid ‘vaccines’ for all age groups and we must not even contemplate vaccinating our children. 

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