Climate Change Makes US Banana Republic

“People Understand We’ve Literally Become a Banana Republic” – Eric Trump Offers AMAZING DEFENSE of His Father following Soros-Funded DA’s Political Indictment of His Father (VIDEO)

by Jim Hoft Apr. 1, 2023 10:15 am231 Comments

Eric Trump joined FOX and Friends Weekend on Saturday morning to discuss the latest political assault on his father, President Donald Trump.

Eric Trump continues to be one of President Trump’s greatest allies and spokesmen. Like his father, Eric is not afraid to speak the uncensored truth to the American public. Trump pointed out how this is the latest political assault by the corrupt Democrat Party against his father. They tried to destroy Donald Trump before he entered office, they tried to take him out with bogus impeachments, and now they are attempting to arrest and silence President Trump based on the testimony of a stripper and disgraced lawywer who had their case kicked out of at least three court rooms already.  The last time TGP reported on Stormy Daniels before this latest fiasco was when she was ordered to pay President Trump $300,000 in court costs for pushing a fraudulent case against him. Now, Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg is using Stormy again to indict the most popular president in US history.

Eric Trump:  I’ll never forget when Hillary called to concede to my father. I was right there. I was right next to him when he got the phone call, and it was within minutes that The Washington Post comes out and says, this is when the impeachment of Donald Trump begins…  I go back to New York, and I said this the other night, you literally can’t walk into Duane Reed and buy Advil because everything’s locked up behind plastic, because there’s so much looting, there’s so much crime.  Homelessness is through the roof.  Little girls are getting shot in Times Square.  Women are being thrown in front of subway trains.  And this has been the priority of the Manhattan DA’s office for six years, is going after Donald Trump…

…Americans are sick and tired of a two-tiered system. If I was Hunter Biden, I’d be in jail for the rest of my life. I can tell you, Rachel, if you go on my laptop right now, you’ll find pictures of Laura, my kids, there’s going to be no hookers. There’s going to be no cocaine. There’s going to be no illegal drugs. It’s going to be nice pictures of my two beautiful young children, but yet I’m the guy that they’re coming after. While Hunter Biden sells finger paintings for $500,000 to random people all over the world who want political influence…

…I want to ask the whole nation is what product was Biden selling? I mean, you know what we do, right?  We’ve been in the hotel world for 100 years. We’ve been in the golf business. We have commercial real estate, residential, retail, and a bunch of other things, right?  Properties like Mar-a-Lago.  What product was he selling that China is writing him a check for a million dollars? Yeah, and we all know the answer to that.  It’s kind of a rhetorical question. But, guys, it’s influence, and everybody knows it.  That’s why Hunter is taking Air Force Two with his father overseas.  He doesn’t know a damn thing about oil and gas. What does he know about Ukraine? He doesn’t speak the language. But yet he’s sitting on all these boards, and yet again, they’re raiding Baron’s closet.  A beautiful 15-year-old kid in high school and not doing a damn thing about Hunter. People are sick and tired of this two-tier system of justice.

Eric was ON FIRE! He is a wonderful defender of his father and family.

Via FOX and Friends Weekend.

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