Bungling Experts

“I have a PhD!!” is one of those conversation stoppers, a grab for authority based on … well I’m not sure? I once knew PhDs who were expert in the vision of seals, others who studied humming bird flight muscle and still others who studied the purification of starch gels and several who were intrigued by the mating habits of geese. My own quest for a PhD was a study of hibernating ground squirrels. I quit when I read my 800th paper on this obtuse subject and still couldn’t figure on any study worth devoting my life to.

If I could sum up the expertise of PhDs in a Venn diagram:

So then you add ‘woke’ to the PhD and you got nuthin.

The protagonist in this little drama is wrong no matter how much authority his PhD was supposed to bestow: female skeletons are distinctly different from male skeletons. To give him (pronoun presumed) some defence, perhaps Mr PhD thought the question was “if he was given any single bone could he tell male from female?”. A single bone would surely be more difficult, but sex identification is possible for many single bones by comparisons of size, robustness, development of muscle attachments, joint wear patterns and even DNA from some bones. Maybe he is waffling, maybe he is being cautious and can’t be 100% sure. I’ll give him that, there is a lot of variation in males and females, but I’m pretty sure that certainty would be in the high 90%.

On the other hand the swimmer antagonist in the drama, having studied a whole lot, is error prone too. Right in many ways she then makes the odd mistake that men have an extra rib. Pretty sure Adam donated a rib and that puts him down one, if my math is correct. But worse than that, any good anatomy book shows 12 pairs of ribs in males and also 12 pairs of ribs in females. Adam’s missing rib has been a persistent misconception for 100s of years and no number of textbooks will ever resolve this if people don’t actually read the texts. Here is a relevant article.

You actually don’t have to read you can just look at the pictures:

Now I imagine that some people will be annoyed or even angry that I would point out such a detail. Some that I have met in the past are so dogmatic that any criticism of their entrenched beliefs is heretical and must not be spoken, no reevaluation allowed. Others, however might think that I am being petty and shouldn’t criticize my own side, the ones who are conventional and brave enough to oppose the misfit nouveau ruling class.

The problem as I see it is that a convincing argument can be totally trashed by a single mistake. Supercilious snobs can repudiate a whole thesis based on misspelling or bad grammar, there (their) arguments are ones of caste not logic. In the following article Riley Gaines exposes the ‘woke’ biologist to ridicule but undercuts her own argument with a theological error. It makes it far too easy for the woke elites to ignore the salient information and too quickly dismiss her as just another Bible thumping hillbilly.

“I’m the Expert, I Have a PHD!” – Based Audience Laughs at Clueless Professor After He Whiffs on Basic Gender Question from Swimmer Riley Gaines (VIDEO)

by Cullen Linebarger Mar. 31, 2023 11:30 am139 CommentsVince Coglianese Twitter

A University of Pittsburgh audience laughed at an anthropology professor named Gabby Yearwood after he whiffed on a simple biology question from former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines.

The March 27th event was sponsored by Turning Point USA, which is supporting Gaines in her quest to save women’s sports from the radical LGBTQ left.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, Gaines became a national figure after she called out biological male William “Lia” Thomas for participating in female sports. 

Gaines asked Yearwood if he would be able to tell the difference between male and female bones should he dig them up 100 years from now.

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If you were to dig up two humans 100 years from now, both a man and a woman, would you be able to tell the difference strictly off of bones?

Yearwood answered no. The audience then laughed right in his face.


Yearwood was completely stunned by the reaction, believing the kids in the room must be mistaken since he is a so-called expert. 

I’m not sure why I’m being laughed at if I’m the expert in the room.

Have any of you been to anthropological sites? Have any of you studied biological anthropology? I’m just saying, I’ve got over 150 years of data, I’m just curious as to why I’m being laughed at.

If only there were a way to tell male and female bones apart.

Gaines told the Daily Wire after her exchange with Yearwood that she was “setting him up” because she knew the anthropology professor would whiff on this simple question.

Every single rational person knows the answer: men have narrower hips, their skulls are different, they have an extra rib, their femurs are longer, their jaws are different.

When he said ‘No,’ it just highlighted that even someone with a PhD was willing to lie to virtue signal or to put off this perception that sex is a social construct, which we know is not the case.

All you need is a fifth-grade biology education to understand that men and women are different.

Perhaps there is still hope for the next generation of Americans with people like Gaines leading the way.

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