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Give it to me RAW!

Possibly the Most Important Statistics we Need To See Now…

Sheldon Yakiwchuk50 min ago

Both you and I want the provinces and Public Health Canada to bring back all of the statistics that were formerly posted…the ones they based the divisiveness on Vax v Unvax and the ones they used to fear others into getting the jabs.

While they have always and still currently post the most important statistic showing risk factors by age:


Health Canada:

That indicates that 90- 93% of all COVID Mortality was in those aged 60+ – which we knew would be high risk by age before the first CASE of COVID in Canada…what we are all looking for is a little vindication showing that the vaccines have been completely worthless. Even the fact that Health Canada refuses to update the following is proof enough for me of this exact thing:

Updates on the COVID Epidemiology update by Health Canada are current to November 15th, 2022 while they purposely lag on reporting the breakdown by vaccine status in these. It already shows that since the beginning of the Jabs on December 14, 2020 that more jabbies have died from COVID, the larger majority of these being in the Boosted Group – the fastest gaining in hospitalizations and Deaths are the Double to Triple Boosted – 4-5 Jabs…we are left with little doubt that.

  1. When they originally told us the Vaccines would Stop the Spread of COVID – they lied.
  2. When this failed and they told us that the vaccines would reduce severity – they lied.
  3. Finally…when they said that keeping up-to-date with your jabs would keep you safer – they lied!

From Current Vaccine Stats in Canada – we can see that 16.56 Million haven’t updated their jabs in the last 6 months…

We can also get a sense that a lot are waking up to how worthless these are and that they in fact were coerced by the government and health officials under a sense of saving grandma, wanting to travel, needing to keep their jobs or just simply wanting to take part in society.

Bringing back all of these stats would definitely crush the “Safe and Effective” Narrative and we could hopefully work to get these jabs banned and people arrested for medical assault and charged with homicide…but we have a much larger issues that we are going to be facing, moving forward and something that we’re all kind of aware of already. 

What Damages have been created by the vaccines and how much mortality have they DIRECTLY caused…and not just by being ineffective – by directly killing people, worsening symptoms or directly causing life altering conditions (myocarditis, blood clots, strokes, cancers…), some which are irreversible?

What we are going to need to see is a breakdown and comparison of all Mortality following the jabs and their Causes of Deaths – in relation to those of us who opted to remain in the Control Group – unvaccinated.

And this should actually get support from both the Pro-Vaxxers and Anti-Vaxxers…because while those who still believe that after 3, 4 or 5 jabs that when they got COVID, things could have been much worse…while those of us who have never even been tested and only have a mild suspicion that we may have had COVID – the Original Stats can put these arguments to bed…

But those who have been jabbed and now know they were duped, deserve to see what possible health issues they will be facing in their future so that they can take suitable steps to help rectify the problems if not just Be Aware so that at the first signs of trouble, seek medical attention. Doctors, Healthcare Professionals and Hospitals will also require this data so that we don’t find ourselves in another situation, like are in current – short of cough/cold/flu meds…through shortages of life saving meds and treatments.

Yes…it’s this important.

We’ve all see the blood clots being pulled out of people – a lot of these through mortician reports…

We’ve all seen the word ‘Turbo’ being put in front of Cancer…

We’ve all heard the anecdotal stories of, was in remission but then the Cancers came back aggressively…

Not to mention the bodies that are piling up in otherwise uber healthy athletes.


  • We rely on ‘Passive Testing’, to see Adverse Events following immunizations;
  • Healthy people don’t go to doctors;
  • A lot of these conditions aren’t what doctors would normally test for in otherwise healthy people;
  • Hospitals are already at the point of not being able to keep up with surgeries and cancer diagnosis/treatments;
  • Children who lack effective communication skills are being jabbed and injured – 6 Months to 4 Years, even up to those in their teens;

That we now know 80.4% of the population of Canada could be walking around with a ticking time bomb inside of their bodies…and this is pretty fucking scary.

Now…don’t go hating on all of the vaccinated – for not doing their homework before getting jabbed…remember how many of these people needed to do this to keep their jobs, to keep their kids enrolled in sports or to get tutoring…because they thought they were doing the right thing…

There are a lot of families who have a member of their family who has been jabbed for the above stated reasons, while they remain pureblood.

We ALL have a right to know what we are looking at going forward and we know that relying on the Health Care Community to sort this shit is asking for an admission of their complicity in these crimes.

For the last 3 years of Pandemic, this is what I’d like to see:

  1. All deaths by condition;
  2. Include age and sex;
  3. Vaccinated or not;
  4. Number of Jabs;
  5. From Date of Vaccination – not 14 days following;
  6. Pre-Existing Health Conditions – including obesity, even by the crudest BMI indicator;
  7. Current prescriptions.

This is a Mile High look…but I’d believe that this data could be sifted and sorted to rule out issues caused by the lockdowns and masking (year 1) and through the post-vaccination stages.

There are a lot of conditions that we are seeing that are not terminal…and while this will need to be assessed, priority must be set on those who may now be at a higher risk of mortality.

While it’s true that Causation does not Equal Correlation…

Bring on the Stats…and Give it to me RAW.

I’ll sort this shit out.

Because, nobody else seems remotely interested in doing it!

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