Are You @#$#ing Kidding Me?

This has very little to nothing to do with climate change. Robbing the rich countries to save the poor will enrich several despots, and generate generous kickbacks, everyone who counts wins! Oh yeah – except for those taxpayers who pay for this largesse and all those poor, you know the ones who are supposed to benefit, the ones who will never see a cent.

In the past few decades there have never been so many people lifted out of abject poverty – worldwide. This is the result of increasing prosperity and technology in the wealthy nations spilling down to the poor countries who are now developing their own economies. The poor of the world have benefitted from the improvements in energy, electronics, medicine and agriculture that have been developed by the wealthy countries.

Raiding the economies of the wealthy nations and feeding it to dictators will exacerbate inflation, disembowel economies, and disproportionately affect the poor, lowering the standard of living for the very people you wanted to help in the first place.

It’s almost as if that is their plan.

Steve Bannon and Dave Walsh: EU Agrees for Reparations for Third World Dictators AND CHINA (VIDEO)

On Saturday global elites announced a last-minute deal on a landmark agreement to transfer nearly a trillion dollars of wealth from Western developed nations to poor African dictators and China in the name of global warming.

It is likely to be the greatest transfer of wealth in human history next to the US transfer of its manufacturing base to China in the last 20 years.

The agreement was promoted by John Kerry at the globalist COP27 talks in Cairo, Egypt.

Western elites believe the US and Western nations are to blame for hurricanes, floods, drought, and tornadoes.

They’re using global warming to destroy America.

Via Steve Bannon on GETTR.

Bloomberg reported:

The COP27 climate talks in Egypt, which had appeared close to collapse on Saturday morning, edged toward a last-minute deal after progress on a landmark agreement to pay poorer countries for harm caused by global warming. 

The proposal would establish a new fund next year for the cost of climate disasters. As talks continued into the evening, negotiators were focused on language that would meet European demands for tougher action on mitigating climate change. But a group of countries, including Saudi Arabia, Brazil and China, were pushing back on strengthening the text, delegates said.

Hundreds of officials are closeted in closed-door negotiations trying to find a text that will satisfy almost 200 nations before ministers start heading home after two weeks of talks. A final version will then be taken to an open plenary session for a final sign off.

“I’m cautiously optimistic at this point,” said Norwegian Energy Minister Espen Barth Eide.

On Saturday morning Steve Bannon invited on energy consultant Dave Walsh to discuss this insane and dangerous proposal.

See video in above link.

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