Kirsch: How Corrupt are these People

ACIP committee approves mRNA vaccines for the childhood schedule 15-0

We all predicted this would happen. This allows the EUA to end, but provides full immunity protection forever for the COVID vaccine manufacturers.

Steve Kirsch1 hr ago

This just happened minutes ago. The ACIP committee voted on Thursday, as predicted, to add the COVID vaccines to the childhood vaccination schedule so that the manufacturers will now get full liability protection for the authorized product forever.

Here’s the Reuters story that was just published:

The last of the public commenters was cut off because they were talking about Nuremberg. They were asking why do you even have a public comment section because nobody listens to the comments.

The ACIP committee voted 15-0 to approve the mRNA COVID shots for the childhood immunization schedule, just as I and others predicted they would.

See Meryl Nass’s writeup on her prediction which just came true a few minutes ago.

This means several things:

  1. The “emergency” can now end. They needed the emergency to be able to create EUA approval which gave them liability protection as long as the emergency existed. The emergency is no longer needed. 
  2. The vaccine makers can now manufacture fully “approved” vaccines and have complete liability protection forever.
  3. The ACIP vote is just a recommendation. The CDC must add it to the schedule, but that’s a slam dunk.

How corrupt are these people? Very corrupt.

These people do not want to see any data that shows the vaccines are not safe.

I tried to ask the Chair of the ACIP committee, Grace Lee, if she wanted to see the Israeli safety data showing the vaccines aren’t safe. She refused to answer my Yes or No question on this important data and called the cops on me (even though I didn’t violate any laws). I have it all on video.

That is the level of corruption we are dealing with here: “scientists” who simply look the other way when asked if they want to see the safety data.

My video erases all doubt that they could be honest. The cop handed her my note so I know she got it. She never responded to the offer. They don’t want to look at any negative data.

This means COVID shots will be required in certain states

The Reuters article contained this statement:

“Adding the COVID-19 vaccine to the recommended childhood immunization schedule does not constitute a requirement that any child receive the vaccine,” said Dr. Nirav Shah, an ACIP member and Director of Maine’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

What Dr. Shah failed to point out is that there are many states which adopt the entire childhood schedule as a requirement to attend public school. So sure, the vote doesn’t force anyone to follow it, but the reality is that it will be mandated in those states that require the entire vaccine schedule. That point was conveniently left out.


We all knew this was going to happen. I still don’t know of a single healthy kid who died from COVID. We do know of healthy kids who die from the shot. This is insanity and few members of Congress have the guts to speak out about this. 

If you haven’t supported Senator Ron Johnson in the past, this would be a very good time to donate to his campaign. It is imperative he win. Please read this article and make a donation using the link in the article. Thanks!

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