Steve Kirsch: Are the Kids OK?

Dr. Peter McCullough’s last tweet

“Are the kids OK?” is the video the media definitely doesn’t want you to see or share.

Steve Kirsch6 hr ago

Dr. Peter McCullough, the most esteemed cardiologist in America, is permanently banned from Twitter. I wrote about this Thursday night on Substack.  

Here are Dr. McCullough’s last words before his untimely demise:  

This is the video, created by VSRF, that Twitter does not want you to watch:

“Are the kids OK?”

The video includes a TV ad for kids who get myocarditis. This is an industry first and it is a tacit admissions that the condition is not rare or mild:

In the video, top cardiologist, Peter McCullough, MD, testifies before the Pennsylvania state senate on the sudden death of children shortly after getting their Covid shots. The video also features another teen, 16-year-old Ernesto Ramirez, Jr., who died of cardiac arrest five days after taking the shot.

The video incorporates Pfizer’s television ad strategy in late 2021 to recruit children for its clinical trials. In the ad, the company’s message is that any child who volunteers for the trial for Pfizer’s novel vaccine will become a hero. “Bravery,” “helping others,” and “courage” are the qualities describing kids who sign up for Pfizer’s clinical trial.

The video juxtaposes Pfizer’s hero ad with an ad released by a New York City hospital recruiting children to its ICU ward who may have myocarditis. Myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart, is a proven side-effect from Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine.

Marty Makary, MD, of Johns Hopkins, dispels the claim that Covid-19 infection poses a higher risk for myocarditis than the Covid vaccines, and a large study of 790,000 patients published in April 2022 is singled out among several studies that validate this conclusion.

All instances of child death and permanent disability reported to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) following a Covid-19 vaccine through September 23, 2022, are disclosed in the video.

Finally, citing a peer-reviewed and published study, the case is made that a large majority of vaccine side effects and deaths are never reported to VAERS, estimating them to be under-reported by a factor of 31 times. The FDA is normally protective of children, removing dangerous products off the market after very few kids are harmed. Addressing the clearly devastating impact of Covid-19 vaccines on children, the video closes asking a final question.

Read the data behind the “Are the kids OK?” PSA 

Peter’s videos explaining how Twitter ended his life

Peter discusses his ban, the obituaries he’s received, etc.

Where’s Peter now?

Here is where you can find him:

  1. Website:
  2. Rumble:
  3. Gab:
  4. Telegram:
  5. Truth Social:
  6. GETTR:
  7. Facebook:
  8. Substack:

Other videos you might enjoy watching

JD Rucker interviewed me a week ago. From the comments, “A powerful interview, to be widely shared.”
RFK Jr. interviews Dr. Aseem Malhotra, another cardiologist, who, like Dr. McCullough has seen through the smoke and mirrors to uncover the truth about the jabs.

The most famous “misinformation spreader” who is still alive on Twitter: RFK Jr.

You will never believe this but RFK Jr. has not (yet) been permanently banned from Twitter. 

Here’s his most recent tweet (which I fully agree with):

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