Steve Kirsch: A Path Forward

How we win this

Bad policy got us into it. If we want to end this, we will never do it playing defense. The way out is to go on the offense and change the laws at the federal, state, and county level.

Steve Kirsch3 hr ago

Virginian's Set To Abide By New Laws In 2022 - 96.9 WXBQ

Playing defense in the court system is a never-ending uphill battle. 

I think the right way to fix the problem is to fix the policy by adopting new laws and regulations. This can be done via federal law, statewide ballot initiatives, and county ordinances, among other ways. Some of these can only be done at the federal level (like removing the liability protection).

Here is a collection of some ideas I have to make things right

These are just rough concepts at the current time. Here are a few things that come to my mind:

  1. Eliminate the liability protection for vaccine manufacturers as well as medical device manufacturers.
  2. Make it illegal for anyone to coerce you to take a medical intervention to keep your job.
  3. All vaccine mandates to attend school should be dropped.
  4. It should be illegal to discriminate against people based on their vaccination status.
  5. All existing vaccines should be tested against unvaccinated peers (true placebo) and look at all cause mortality and morbidity. Any vaccine that cannot demonstrate a clear benefit should have its FDA authorization dropped.
  6. The safety signal monitoring system for all drugs needs a serious upgrade, e.g., ESP:VAERS program or the longitudinal monitoring done by the Israeli Ministry of Health (the results of which were hidden from public view).
  7. Public health officials, local, statewide, and federal, need to be held accountable for answering questions in live forums from a panel of experts who disagree with them. 
  8. Social media companies with over 1M users shall be considered to be public squares where speech shall not be censored. 
  9. Truth shall be considered protected speech. Censoring truth shall subject the platform to a fine of $1000 per day per post.
  10. Let doctors be doctors. The state shall not regulate speech between doctors and patients.
  11. Pharmacists who refuse to fill a doctor’s prescription shall be held personally liable for compensating the patient for any injuries (including death) sustained from the refusal.
  12. Patients in a hospital shall always be permitted to take drugs prescribed by their physician, even if that physician doesn’t have hospital privileges. No longer shall they be held hostage by hospitals.
  13. If a doctor has their medical license taken away by the state medical board, they shall be entitled to appeal that decision in a regular court of law. If the appeal is overturned, the jury may award the doctor up to triple damages plus attorney fees.
  14. Even in an emergency, the county, state, and federal health authorities cannot force you to comply with any intervention that may have a net negative health consequence or for which there is no scientific justification.
  15. A state of emergency shall be lifted if there are fewer than x people per month who are seriously injured from the infection. 
  16. Once the state of emergency is lifted, any EUA issued under that condition shall be revoked.
  17. It shall be illegal to mandate health interventions where the science doesn’t support it.
  18. Scientists who disagree with the mainstream consensus should be heard, not silenced. Open debate should be encouraged, not discouraged. Censorship, demonetization, and intimidation tactics leveled against those with different views shall not be permitted. Those who are harmed by such tactics shall be able to bring an action in a court of law to recover damages.
  19. People inside the CDC and FDA who deliberately looked the other way when legitimate and significant safety signals were brought to their attention shall be personally subject to criminal prosecution. People who did not bring these safety signals to the public’s attention shall likewise be subject to criminal prosecution. For example, how can Maddie de Garay’s serious injuries during the Pfizer 12-15 clinical trial, which was brought to the FDA’s attention because Pfizer ignored it, not be investigated? Someone needs to go to jail for that. Former FDA Janet Woodcock was in on it.
  20. Take a hard look at the laws passed since 2000 that centralizes power into the hands of the HHS Secretary in light of the huge mistake created by the COVID vaccines.
  21. Next time there is a pandemic, instead of allocating near zero dollars for research on using repurposed drugs on an out-patient basis, there should be $1B made available to fund such trials. Physicians should be free to use their judgement on treatment options and there should be a central repository for reporting results. Fareed and Tyson had a fabulous protocol for treating patients that was ignored. That should NEVER be allowed to happen again.

In my dreams items

These are less likely to pass the voters, but maybe I’m wrong?

  1. New drugs should first be tested on those members of Congress who told us the COVID vaccines were safe and effective before they are allowed to be tested in animals.
  2. Vaccines should be tested on at least 10 mice before they are rolled out to the general public. 8 mice is simply not enough.

Other items

  1. It should be illegal to add fluoride to the drinking water in the US.
  2. Foods containing GMOs should be labeled as such.

Those are my thoughts. What did I miss?


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