Event declares “I own nothing and am very happy!” worst slogan evah!

The Gateway Pundit includes a video of the full “Defeating The Great Reset” event in this article. There are several speakers and they are all interesting including clips of Steve Bannon.

“Trump Is an Instrument of Divine Providence” – Steve Bannon at TPUSA’s ‘Defeating the Great Reset’ Event in Arizona

Steve Bannon shared with TPUSA last night in Arizona his thoughts on the New World Order.  

Last night, Steve Bannon was the keynote speaker at TPUSA’s Defeating the Great Reset event in Phoenix, Arizona, and he gave a rousing speech targeting the World Economic Forum. Bannon took specific aim at the elites that perpetrate globalism at the expense of individuals. “We are never going to back off the sovereignty of this nation,” quoting the American Carnage speech that President Trump gave at his inauguration in 2017.

Here are some notes from Bannon’s speech last night:

0.5% of the people in the US own more assets than 90% of the people in the country.

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This is a result of the banks bailing themselves out of the crisis in 2008.

Crossfire Hurricane project started before the 2016 Election to stop candidate Trump.

Networks and markets and systems are the new world order with China running the economy of the world according to Xi.

Trump’s inauguration speech was on the preservation of the nation-state which blew the world elites out of the water.

The New World Order must be taken down and destroyed in large part due to it’s apathy towards the immoral actions of its leaders.

BANNON: “[Trump] is an instrument of divine providence. I saw it. I saw it in 16. It was divine providence that got us there, divine providence. Why? Because these demons and devils in places like Davos in the City of London and Wall Street, right? That’s who our opposition is this a spiritual warfare. We’re fighting in practical means, right? A battlefield is going to be the ballot box and the precincts. Because we’re going to take what’s been passed down to us from time immemorial: democracy, a republic, freedom, free men and women, that every battlefield that’s ever anybody’s ever died on has passed it down to us. You might as well spit on their grave if we’re to accept the party at Davos.”

Here are some clips from Bannon’s speech.

Bannon also points out the WEF’s rejection of Judeo-Christian values.

At the 1:50 mark in the video, Steve Bannon takes the stage:

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