Fracking Good News

NetZero takes a hit in the UK — Fracking is on and “could eclipse North Sea Gas”

Good News — Fracking will start in the UK after ten years of absurd delays over bizarre seismic excuses where the fracking industry was supposed to stop if tremors were larger than 0.5 on the Richter scale which meant it never started. A 0.5 level tremor is so small you’d need a Richter scale to even know it occurred. People usually can’t feel shakes of 2.0 or less, and it’s a logarithmic scale…

Once fracking starts it will be hard to put this genie back in the bottle. Will Australia, Canada and New Zealand be the last three nations on Earth still serious about Net Zero?

As Gaia Fawkes says: Truss Gets Cracking With Fracking

The news comes as The Guardian reports Liz is planning to follow through on her leadership election pledge and lift the ban on fracking as soon as possible, with first licences set to be issued as early as next week. This will no doubt come as welcome relief as energy bills continue to rise during winter. The decision comes despite the paper’s ominous quote from a forthcoming report that forecasting fracking-induced earthquakes “remains a significant challenge”In August 2019 Caudrilla halted work after recording the UK’s “biggest fracking tremor”. The tremor in question was 1.55ML on the Richter scale, “which it likened to ‘a large bag of shopping dropping to the floor’”…

Green tape — keeping the country cold and poor for no good reason at all:

Liz Truss told to relax regulations to kickstart fracking revolution
The Telegraph

Current rules require drilling to stop if it causes tremors of 0.5 or more on the Richter scale.
Experts say tremors at this level occur naturally and often, at a magnitude so low it is imperceptible to people above ground. The current limit blocks any realistic possibility of exploiting shale resources commercially. Fracking companies want parity with other industries, for example geothermal energy, which is allowed to create earthquakes of higher magnitudes than 0.5. In the US, fracking-related tremors of up to 4-magnitude are allowed.

So much for all the pompous talk of Glasgow. Boris and Carries Energy Plan is gone, thank Vladimir.

Liz Truss to ditch Boris Johnson’s energy plans to focus on driving down cost of household bills
iNews, 14 September 2022

The Government’s Energy Bill is set to be paused or ditched completely as Liz Truss focuses on capping customers’ bills and reforming the UK’s electricity market, iNews has been told.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the new Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, told officials on Monday that he planned to effectively put on hold the Energy Bill currently going through the House of Lords, multiple sources said.

There’s a lot of energy under Lancashire:

Fracking power could eclipse North Sea gas

Luke Barr, Financial Mail on Sunday

Shale gas extraction – better known as fracking – could eclipse North Sea production within 15 years after Liz Truss lifted a controversial ban. The new Prime Minister has told MPs the fracking moratorium will be removed in areas where local communities support industry plans, paving the way for a boom.

But it said fracking could reduce our future reliance on imports – and by 2040, it could supply 12billion cubic metres of gas, or 15 per cent of current demand. This will coincide with supplies from the North Sea declining to almost nothing by 2050.

But despite the hope here, the blistering bills of the pagan energy policies have barely begun. Millions of people will live colder harder lives because some Weather Fairies badgered people to try to cast spells to stop storms.

A poll of readers found that 97 percent of Britons are in favour of suspending green levies. If only the United Kingdom was a democracy this would have all been sorted so long ago…

Speaking of energy security, if you thought the Brits left it too late, wait to you hear about the Belgians:

h/t To NetZeroWatch who must be feeling pleased today.

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