Jo Nova: End of Empire

End of an empire: What if China bought the US President, unleashed a bioweapon and no one cared?

Nearly every decision Joe Biden  has made just happen to be the same as what President Xi would have preferred.

The keystone pipe, energy dependence, the Afghanistan debacle,  the end of tariffs, jailing critics of China, and allowing Chinese companies strategic control and access. Then there’s the Hunter Biden laptop…

It’s excellent to see Tucker packaging this message so well.

Tucker Carlson rips the Biden family’s relationship with China and what it really means for global order

Partial transcript (full copy at the link above)

Last summer, a group of American intelligence analysts working for the U.S. government issued a report on the origins of COVID.These people work at CIA, NSA, a bunch of other agencies, and they concluded that the coronavirus may very well have been manufactured in a lab by the Chinese military.

America has been the dominant power in the world for more than 100 years, since the end of the First World War, when Europe destroyed itself. Empires destroying themselves always pave way for new empires, something we should keep in mind at the moment.

The coronavirus reshuffled the global order. It crushed the American economy. It made China preeminent. If China takes over the world and that appears to be coming, COVID will be one of the main reasons it was able to. So, by definition, you would think we would want to know where COVID came from. That’s a meaningful question, but Joe Biden doesn’t want to know. He ignored the report he ordered. He ignored the findings of his own intelligence agencies. That’s bizarre when you think about it and if you think that’s weird, how about this?

This February, Biden canceled a counter-espionage program called the China Initiative. Now, the point of that program was stopping the rampant threat of our national security secrets by the government of China. But the White House decided to very little fanfare that somehow that program was racist and therefore it had to end. That means the Chinese government can now spy and steal with impunity. Not since Franklin Roosevelt colluded with Joseph Stalin has an American president done anything like that, but Joe Biden didn’t hesitate. And then he kept doing things like this. Now, Biden says he plans to end tariffs against China, tariffs that Donald Trump put in place and that China has been complaining about ever since. And not only is Joe Biden ending tariffs against China, Joe Biden’s Justice Department has just arrested the man responsible for those tariffs. His name is Peter Navarro.

He was the most effective China hawk in the Trump administration. Last month, Peter Navarro was handcuffed at a Washington, D.C. airport and dragged to jail in leg irons. Why? Supposedly because of January 6, but Peter Navarro had literally nothing to do with January 6. He wasn’t even there, but Joe Biden didn’t stop there. Steve Bannon was the other notable voice in the Trump administration, warning about the growing power and malicious intent of the Chinese government. In November of last year, Steve Bannon was also arrested by the Biden Justice Department, also on absurd pretexts. So, take a step back. What’s the message here? Well, it’s unmistakable. Don’t criticize the Chinese government, or we will throw you in jail.

Now, if you happen to be watching all this from Beijing, as Chinese leaders definitely have been, you would be applauding. Joe Biden just arrested your loudest critics. How gratifying is that? Things are going well for you. You already control Canada, whose brain dead, prime minister is effectively a Chinese lackey. Now the most powerful country in the world is doing exactly what you want it to do. You’d be thrilled by this. You’d be especially thrilled to see Joe Biden destroy America’s single greatest asset, which is its domestic energy supply, and make the United States entirely dependent on Chinese technology for wind and solar projects. If you’re the Chinese government, this is the masterstroke. This is the checkmate. Once you control a country’s energy grid, you control that country. And you would know that because you didn’t go to Yale Law School and you know something about reality as a result and by the way, if you’re watching all this from Beijing, you would find it especially amusing to have the president of the United States sell you his country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve, even as he declared oil and gas off-limits to his own population.

The West’s green fixation, and crippled scientific and media organisations are just part of a deep decay.

Read all of it: FoxNews

h/t Bill in AZ and Scott of the Pacific

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