Vaccination Roulette

Hi Bob,

Feel free to share my note. It is obvious that we are dealing with an international criminal conspiracy, because almost all countries (except Sweden) made the same obvious, egregious errors at the same time. None of this ever made sense, as I publicly called it in writing on 21March2020. I trust you’ve seen the further evidence of criminal conspiracy in the recent BC Freedom of Information release. These criminals are just ignoring all the rules and carrying on with their plan.

Regards, Allan

Vaccine Injuries – Of Course They Knew All Along

They just kept denying it.

Sheldon YakiwchukJun 21

As news breaks, with FOI Documents coming to light in British Columbia, even the Vancouver Sun can’t ignore the vaccine injury situation any longer.

42 pages of email information with BC’s Provincial Health Officer – Bonnie Henry acknowledging what was going on with Adverse Events following Vaccinations has recently been released to the general public →Link

And it really adds more questions than provides answers, but one thing is abundantly clear…they full well knew what the vaccines were doing to people and not only have they been lying about this information, they’ve been covering it up.

It’s hard to speculate why and to what advantage but now seems like there will be a lot more by way of lawsuits heading BCs way and this will cause a massive shitstorm in all provinces and against the Federal Government regarding lawsuits for unlawful restrictions, forced injections under employment and restrictions on Employment Insurance for those who were terminated for not having been vaccinated.

As an idea and what I am looking at…page 37 of the above linked email dump, you will find this:

There is no breakdown on if they were on first or second doses nor does it state a rate of AEFIs/Immunizations, but to figure this out, you could check through Queen Bonnie’s updates to see where they were at in the province with Vaccinations…and you’d find this for Monday, March 15, 2021:

“To date, 409,103 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in B.C., 87,059 of which are second doses. Starting today, vaccine appointment bookings are open for people over 84, adding one year each day this week for people 80 and older by the end of the week, along with Indigenous people over 65.

That on March 15, 2021 there were already 469 Total AEFI’s (Adverse Events Following Immunization) reports on 409k doses, 124 of them or 26% of these were marked as SERIOUS, 79 of these or 17% were Anaphylaxis.

I don’t actually know if the 2 different categories for Anaphylaxis and Anaphylaxis Brighton Levels 1/2/3 are combined into the General – Anaphylaxis, but will work with the assumption that 79 are total for this, 124 of these cases are serious and that the total for AEFIs is 469 – for the Province of British Columbia.

Now…to try and ensure that this data would have been collected and submitted to Health Canada, I moved to the next reporting period – March 19, 2021 and find the following:

Canada: 3.7 Million doses, 2,530 AEFI’s (.068%) where 320 (.009%) were serious.

Only BC: 409k doses, 469 AEFIs (.115%) , where 124 (.03%) of them were serious.

Meaning that, internal emails in BC report 70% higher AEFIs and 233% higher Serious AEFI’s than what Canada seen as a whole.

Which is odd.

But even odder still…Canada reported less cases of Anaphylaxis than BC did on their own.

79 Cases of Anaphylaxis in BC…59 in all of Canada.

The percentages of AEFI’s in BC is alarming especially when you consider the lengths that the Provincial and Federal Governments have gone through to coerce the population of Canadians to get vaccinated, from Termination of the Jobs, Restrictions on Employment Insurance, Travel Restrictions and ostracizing over 6 Million Canadians from Society through the Passport System being employed by schools, restaurants, children from extracurricular activities, community venues…not to mention programs like the ones in Alberta that awarded 2 prizes of $1 Million Dollars and paid $150 gift cards to get more people vaccinated…all while creating a division in families, friends and communities by pitting Vaccinated against Unvaccinated.

While a lot of us had already suspected that the Provinces and Federal Government knew full well what was going on, the BC documents actually confirm this very thing.


It gets worse.

In the Lowest to medium risk (50-59) year old age groups there has been a Sum Total of 3,086 COVID Deaths. Of these, there were 451 Prior to Vaccines being available…so in this period of time that vaccines have been available, there has been 2,635 deaths in this group:

Vaccine injuries in this group are:

33,135 out of 46,149 – 72%.

Because Health Canada hasn’t broken the SERIOUS injuries out by age stratification, we can only assume that those who have been injured in 72% of the cases also make up the majority of theses Serious Injuries.

These Serious Injuries make up 9,515 in Total – only up to May 13th, 2022, because Health Canada has Stopped Updating this information:

9,515 x 72% = 6,850 Serious Injuries where total deaths in 0-59 make up 2,635, meaning that Health Canada may have shortened the lives or altered the quality of life for 160% of the actual COVID deaths…in a population that stood relatively No Risk, if they weren’t already suffering from Chronic Conditions.

Think about that for a second…without knowing who they would injure with the jabs…they absolutely knew who they needed to protect. This still isn’t happening.

There are an additional 2,635 Lives Lost by the Government and Health Care Communities ignoring the failure of Vaccines but there were 2.6x as many Serious Injuries in populations of potentially healthy people that they couldn’t have even predicted.

Literally, Russian Roulette.

And to think that the payout was, for a lot, just having the ability to take a vacation or keep their jobs.

There is no doubt that what we can see in the FOI documents is troubling…where it extends to is purely Horrific!

And now they’re coming for the 0-4 year old’s.

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