Brian Peckford Responds to John and Bob Meet our MLA


This is all shocking. 

1. It speaks to the utter lack of appreciation for the Constitution . A Provincial Health Act cannot simply over ride the Charter. It has to meet the conditions of section 1 of the Charter which BC and the other Provinces and the Federal Govt  did not do. . Nor did they meet the principles that introduce the Charter nor the existing jurisprudence , the Oates Test. Section 52 of the Constitution Act 1982 clearly states the Constitution is the Supreme Law.  And the Courts so far have failed !!

2. Parliament abdicating its solemn responsibility for review?  That’s not a parliamentary democracy. 

Speaking of the Lt Governor( not General) and the Ombudsman being involved ? Ridiculous!! One is appointed by The Federal Govt ,  the other by the Legislature both suspects in the death of thousands and permanent injury of many more. 

The legislature must be involved —the MLA to admit that it does not work and be willing to scuff off his responsibility unto ineligible people  illustrates the depth  of the incompetence of our so called elected representatives. 

Besides being involved in a review ,  the legislature should form a select committee and be involved right from the beginning to determine whether what the Govt is proposing is constitutional and scientifically necessary. To say that was impossible is to say that the MLA is not aware of our own Simon Fraser Academic Douglas Allen , whose report shows  that 90 days into the Pandemic ( 80 Studies world wide) the data was available that demonstrated that the cure was worse than the disease. 

3. The review in the act is a joke—the violator examining itself!!! 

I have written on this separately on my blog re the Review of the Emergencies by those who approved it. 

I will be speaking at the Justice Centre George Jonas Award Dinner in Burnaby on July 13 where I will be elaborating on these themes. 

The country is broken ——-the PM calling citizens  racists to the top Judge of Canada doing like wise , to the lowly MLA in one of the larger Provinces not understanding The Constitution under which he and his un informed colleagues operate. 

All unbelievable ——-and hence tragic. 


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