The Boy who would be King

Trudeau is adamant that the unvaccinated must live with the consequences of their choice. However, it is becoming more apparent that there is no particular medical consequence to being unvaccinated. Using the BCCDC data the vaccinated are just as likely to get Covid and transmit Covid. As well there appears to be no consequence for poor outcomes, the numbers of vaccinated in critical care and dying from Covid are the same.

So the consequences have to be contrived. You were maligned and ostracized by health officers and politicians, you were not able to go to restaurants, travel or visit your elderly parents in care facilities. You were tested and quarantined while others just as infectious got a freebie.

This article from The Gateway Pundit shows that Justin is convinced that his pettiness and vindictiveness were and remain his best courses of action.

Save us from the boy who would be king.

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  1. Did you listen to the first part of the Highwire I sent you.. Geer’s
    talking about what we feared would happen.


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