Pulling Your Can out of the Fire

Despite British Columbia’s raging Covid epidemic, the above graph from the BCCDC, shows there was a lower overall mortality in 2020 compared to the average mortality in previous years. The graph also shows a higher overall mortality in the year of the shots (2021) compared to previous years.

Articles have been emerging in once respectable science journals claiming that the vaccines were a great success, donchaknow? These ‘scientific’ papers, usually based on computer models, extoll the umpteen million lives that have been saved. Good to know when comparing to the mere tens of thousands killed and disabled and continuing to be killed and disabled by vaccine injuries. If I was more cynical I would suggest these models are being used to build an alternate ass-covering reality to protect the Health Cartel from future prosecution.

The following article by Roger Koops looks into the validity of these claims:

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