Covid, Corruption and Kids

The above graph shows the deaths in British Columbia from/with Covid over the 27 months from Jan 2020 up to Apr 2022. The BC CDC gives this disclaimer:

The word overestimate kinda jumps out. The recorded deaths include any death within 30 days of a positive Covid test. I presume from this that a heart attack patient, admitted to ER, who then tests positive in a routine test is included as a Covid death, even if he dies of heart problems within the next month. Using similar guidelines in the States, motorcycle accident victims and gunshot casualties who tested positive on admission have also been put on the Covid mortality list.

So may I direct you back to the above graph. Suspicious isn’t it that the number of deaths increases with increasing age much like normal mortality increases with increasing age. How much are the normal deaths we see as populations age inflating these numbers?

Then look at the young, even with an exaggerated Covid mortality there have been only 2 deaths from/with Covid over more than 2 years among the under 20s. By what logic could you even contemplate having your kids get the shots especially considering the known and unknown dangers of these mRNA treatments.

Robert Malone has written a Substack on his testimony before a Louisiana senate committee.

from Robert W. Malone

I gave testimony in front of the senate committee that had the power to table the resolution HCR 3 from going to the full senate vote to stop the governor’s vaccine mandate.

The room was packed with parents, physicians and health care workers, all in support of the resolution to stop the COVID-19 vaccine mandates for children. The testimony from so many was on point, fact-filled, and compelling. One woman spoke of her son’s heart damage after getting the vaccine. Three physicians spoke. Countless parents gave amazing testimony. A packed room, almost all in favor of the resolution. This is indicative of where most parents are at in this nation at this point. They do not want to have governments mandate that they vaccinate their children with these genetic vaccines for a disease that healthy children handle like the common cold. They understand there are significant side effects from these vaccines. They know the vaccines are mis-matched for Omicron, the current circulating strain of SARS-CoV-2. They know Omicron is much more mild for all who contract it. They know these vaccines do not stop transmission or disease. They know it is extremely rare for a child to die of COVID, and virtually no healthy children die from the infection. That most of those which the pharmaceutical industry and the CDC list as child deaths have died WITH COVID and from other causes, children who were not healthy to start with. Parents have educated themselves. These facts are also why 49 states are not requiring mandates for school aged children in 2022. Louisiana is the last hold out.

Only two spoke against the resolution. They were physicians, both were were involved in the Pfizer clinical trials (no conflict of interest there) and their testimony was riddled with factual errors, using old data from Alpha variant to back up their less than honest claims. 

It was disappointing the Senate Health & Welfare committee killed HCR 3. The committee vote came down to two members skipping out of the room or deciding to not vote – and then a vote of 3 to 4 to table the resolution, not allowing it to go to a full vote. For those fighting for health freedom for their children in Louisiana, please implore your state senators to override the committee and let the full Senate vote, and thank Senators Mizell, McMath, and Hensgens for voting in support of parents and in particular the children of the State of Louisiana. 

We all know the reputation for corruption in Louisiana, and of course that couldn’t possibly have a role in what happened in that vote, could it? The parents and physicians in the room were so sad and disappointed with the vote. 

Let me repeat Louisiana is now the ONLY state that will will be putting these vaccines on the schedule for 2022 and frankly, it makes Louisiana look foolish and backwards. The Louisiana state legislature is not keeping up with the science, and the Governor is soon to leave office and apparently more concerned about his next “opportunity” than in protecting children.

The thing is, despite the crazy travel (Jill and I have put almost 100,000 miles on our United frequent flyer program since January), despite the insane hours, despite the fact that we are personally funding most of what we do at this point, it is the people and the fact that we are making a difference that drives us on.

“He who has once set his hand to the plough and turns back, is not fit for the kingdom of heaven”

We don’t get to stop what we are doing, it is too important. 

Those of you on the front lines, please don’t stop either. We have to keep going. The stakes are too high. Our children, our futures are on the line. What has been revealed in all of this, is that the corruption of our government, the censorship, the propaganda goes far beyond this failed public policy response. Our job has grown in proportion and we can’t back down now. We did not seek this role. But after all that we have seen, experienced, and learned about the forces arrayed against us, their ethics and their objectives, we cannot turn back from the plough.

In terms of Louisiana, we may have lost this battle -but the war isn’t over yet. Attorney General Landry has a plan, another last ditch effort to get his state to do what is right and not require the mRNA inoculations of all school aged children. 

So, don’t despair and don’t give up. We don’t get to stop now. The job is not finished. The battle of Baton Rouge is not yet lost, and the momma (and papa) bears are really angry.

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