Tickling the Tail of a Nuclear Bear

There are forces in Washington D.C. who want to escalate the war in Ukraine, using it as a way to collapse the Russian Economy and replace Vlad the Bad. Pushing the Russians into corners hasn’t worked so well in the past, as Napoleon and Hitler would attest, and probably won’t work out that well now, seeing that they still have a huge nuclear arsenal, with nuclear missiles that can deliver a 1 megaton weapon within 20 minutes of launch. Even one of these bombs can obliterate a city the size of D.C. and kill millions of people.

It doesn’t really matter if the war was caused by Vlad the Bad on his first stepping stone to a new Russian Empire, Vlad the Mad invading because he’s well … mad, or if it’s Putin the Protector reuniting the Russian speaking Donbass with Mother Russia. The one certainty is that “We, the people, don’t want no stinkin’ nuclear war!” And the US should not be pushing us to the brink to divert public attention from the Biden troubles at home.

It is time for talks, to understand the interests of Russia and Ukraine and work out compromises, solutions that don’t back the Bear into a corner. We know that the winners write the histories, but after a nuclear war that history may be written in ochre on a damp cave wall.

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