WATCH: Unhinged Trudeau Attacks Conservatives As He Seeks To Deflect Attention From Ongoing Communist China Interference Crisis

Is the pressure of selling out our country and lying constantly getting to Trudeau?

Spencer Fernando

Take a moment to watch the video below. But the first time you do so, turn the sound off:

Don’t you get a disturbing and off-putting vibe from it?

Trudeau despises Conservative Canadians

While attacking political opponents is a normal part of politics, Trudeau’s attacks are part of a larger pattern. Notice how Trudeau completely dismisses the real concerns people had regarding authoritarian vaccine mandates and restrictions, and pretends it was all just a “conspiracy theory.”

Trudeau also constantly projects his own failings onto the Conservatives, as Ryan Gerritsen pointed out on Twitter:

“Trudeau trying to describe the Conservative Party all while actually describing his party & what they did to Canadians over the past 3 years. His fear and anger stopped thousands of Canadians from working & putting food on the table.”

It’s clear that Trudeau despises Conservative Canadians, and this has put our country in a very dangerous position.

His hatred for Conservatives has ‘helped’ him justify allowing China to interfere in our elections and influence our country.

He praises ruthless Communist states and ruthless dictators, while demonizing Canadians who disagree with him. He seems to hate Canada’s history and hate Canada’s core values, while wanting us to apologize for everything and then adopt the values of a ruthless Communist State.

Perhaps he looks so unhinged because the pressure of selling out his own country and lying constantly is getting to him. Or perhaps, he looks unhinged simply because he has become nothing but an unhinged pro-Communist leader intent on wrecking everything that once made this country strong.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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