Steve Kirsch Testifies at NCI

A tour de force by Steve Kirsch at the National Citizen’s Inquiry with a slide show overview of the criminal negligence of our health care providers, pharmaceutical companies and CDC.

The elephant in the room with the prodigious memory is Steve.

My NCI testimony

I go through my Elephant deck and present questions that I have. So far, nobody has been able to answer ANY of my questions with explanations that have evidentiary support.

Steve Kirsch

Here’s my testimony at the National Citizen’s Inquiry in Canada:

My slides

Here are the slides I used.

10X offer to answer my questions

I’m bumping up my offer to answer my questions to 10X your normal consulting rate. There were no takers at 3X. To avoid any misunderstandings, the contract will be in writing. See this article for details.


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