Why is Tam Still in Charge?

Surely her incompetence is legion?



APR 18, 2023



One of the interesting things about the World Economic Forum Acolytes actively destroying our way of life, is that they are never shy about telling us exactly who they are. 

 In her recent update to the Communist Manifesto entitled “Mobilizing Public Health Action in Canada, Dr. Theresa Tam provides us with the following insight into her belief-value system : 

Climate Change has wide-ranging impacts on physical and mental health, as well as on our ecological, social and economic environments. However, the nature and severity varies a great deal, influenced by determinants of health (e.g. income, employment, living and working conditions) and structural systems of oppression (e.g. colonization, racism, ableism, heteronormativity).  As a result, in order to understand and address the health impacts of climate change, public health systems must prioritize a focus on equity and support the leadership of community.”  

What Dr. Tam is telling us, is that without ever running for office or an election or national referendum being held on the issue, that billions of dollars of public health spending will be directed at fighting “climate change” through a coordinated attack on “heteronormativity” among other social ills imagined by Dr. Tam to be the primary drivers of “climate change”.  

In her “mobilization” plan, Tam correctly identifies poverty as being one to the largest impacts on the health of women and children, but focuses on “colonization, racism, ableism and heteronormativity” as being “structural systems of oppression” rather than the current root cause of Canadian poverty, namely gross economic mismanagement by the ruling Trudeau Junta.  

Runaway government spending, over taxation, disincentivizing work through excess taxation and government handouts, massive government debt, rampant inflation caused by runaway government spending, legalization of drugs leading to decreased productivity all contribute far more to poverty than the hetero-sexually induced climate change so terrifying to Dr. Theresa Tam.  

Leaving aside the issue of whether someone so delusional should hold a position as important as Chief Medical Officer of Health, when one reads Dr. Tam’s manifesto one has to ask oneself to what degree she has personally involved herself in a Public Health Agency Canada (PHAC) cannabis sampling program prior to putting her name to such a vacuous and specious report.  

When one reads the “Doctor Tam Climate Change Mobilization Plan”, snake oil if it ever existed, one has to ask: WHO ACTUALLY WROTE THIS COMPLETE DRIVEL?, and who is stupid enough to buy in to this nonsense?  

What struck me in forcing myself to read this document was the degree to which the document itself could have been written by CHATGPT. When you compare the language of the report to the language generated by CHATGPT in response to our request for a discussion paper on harms caused to children by COVID vaccines, the documents could have easily been written by the same “Artificial Intelligence” or lack thereof.  

The other remarkable thing about the Tam Manifesto is the complete lack of understanding of the degree to which a functional economy is required to fund the multi-billion dollar public health systems that Canadians rely on for the delivery of health and health care systems. 

Tam or “TAMGPT” states that: 

Climate change is the single biggest health threat facing humanity and the livability of the planet. 

 Climate change action can be good for our health…  

By advocating for healthy environments like walkable neighborhoods, cycling and public transit, we can reduce the burden of cardiac and respiratory disease, premature deaths and hospital admissions, promote positive mental well-being and reduce air pollution…”  

 What TAMGPT seems to be saying is that WEF 15 Minute SMART Cities will be mandated as a public health requirement given that “Climate change is the single biggest threat facing humanity”… Do not forget that this type of breathless rhetoric is the same histrionic foolishness that led to the COVID Lockdowns, the structural economic devastation of Canada by drunken sailor government spending, forced vaccinations, commonplace vaccine injuries, and the erosion of Canadian civil liberties and freedom.  

Make no mistake, the “single biggest threat facing humanity” and the livability of Canadians in Canada, is the rampant stupidity of the climate hysterics and the complacency of our fellow Canadians to people as delusional as Theresa Tam being left in positions of authority.  

Dr. Tam, apparently, refuses to acknowledge that Canada remains carbon negative. She refuses to understand that carbon taxes placed on working Canadians increase the cost of living in Canada and contribute to inflation and poverty which she admits harms the health of women and children.  

Dr. Tam also refuses to acknowledge that 15 Minute SMART Ghettos and imposing taxes and policies designed to make personal vehicles unaffordable to the average working man and woman contribute to poverty and enhance social stratification by restricting upward economic mobility that comes from freedom of movement. There is no doubt that restricting working men and women to 15 Minute Surveillance Ghettos will enhance the profits of large corporations having a captive 15-minute labor pool, while restricting the ability of both unionized and non-unionized workers from seeking higher-paying work opportunities outside of their bureaucratically designated and approved 15 Minute employment access zones. 

Needless to say, there is nothing in the Tamifesto about restricting Our Dear Leader from taking private jets surfing or skiing, nor is there any suggestion or contemplation of the fact that every climate change measure cumulatively imposed by the Government of Canada has had absolutely 0.0% measurable impact on global climate. As long as China and India continue to expand their economies at the expense of Canada and continue to increase their carbon emissions by exponential amounts greater than all combined Canadian reductions, the harms suffered by Canadians and the growing poverty of Canadian women and children will continue to grow. As long as Canada continues to impose punitive taxes and regulatory burden on Canadian industry in the form of carbon taxes or ESG-related regulations not imposed in China or India, we will continue to bleed productive jobs, employment and economic activity to China, India and the other BRICS nations at the expense of working Canadians.  

Remember when “Doctor” Hinshaw arbitrarily sought to restrict the number of friends adult Albertans could have as a lockdown measure? The Tam Manifesto foreshadows this type of stupidity on steroids. People need to “wake up and smell the commie”. There is no doubt that the Tam Manifesto is a blueprint for a dystopian, totalitarian future that none of us want our children to be subjected to.  

“Heteronormativity” may be terrifying to the delusional Theresa Tams and Rachel Notleys of the world, but “heteronormaphobia” (a newly invented word for the delusional fear of heterosexuals) is not a sound basis for making multi-billion dollar policy decisions that impact on the lives of working Canadians and that drive Canadian women and children further into abject poverty.    

Jeffrey R.W. Rath, B.A. (Hons.), LL.B. (Hons.) 

Foothills, Alberta 

April 18th, 2023 

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