Time For Trudeau to Leave and Take His Government With Him

REPORT: Prairie Premiers Demand Trudeau Retract “Dangerous & Divisive Comments” Made By Liberal Justice Minister

Trudeau’s justice minister said the government was “looking at” what would amount to the seizure of control over Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba’s natural resources.

In the wake of incredibly disturbing remarks by Trudeau justice minister David Lametti where he said the government was “looking at” rescinding the 1930 Natural Resources Transfer Agreements – which would amount to the seizure of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba’s natural resources – the leaders of Canada’s Prairie Provinces are demanding Trudeau retract the comments.

In a statement put forth by Danielle Smith, Scott Moe, and Heather Stefanson, the Premiers called Lametti’s remarks “dangerous and divisive”:

You can read the full statement below:


“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs to tell Canadians today that federal Justice Minister David Lametti was not speaking on behalf of the federal government when he said he would look at rescinding the 1930 Natural Resources Transfer Agreements with the Prairie provinces and strip away their constitutional authority and control over natural resources.

These agreements recognized the Prairie provinces with the same rights over resources that all other provinces already had. Those rights have been fundamental to the people and the economic autonomy of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta for nearly 100 years.

The federal government cannot unilaterally change the Constitution. It should not even be considering stripping resource rights away from the three Prairie provinces.

The prime minister needs to immediately retract these dangerous and divisive comments by his justice minister.”

It’s good to see Heather Stefanson, Scott Moe, and Danielle Smith showing strong leadership fighting for the people of their province against the dangerous federal Liberal government. Now, we will see how Trudeau responds.

this point however, few will believe anything he says. Just as he has done with ruinous economic policy and anti-freedom censorship legislation, Trudeau and his cronies often float trial balloons to gauge how much they can get away with.

And with Trudeau facing relentless criticism amid the worsening China interference scandal, he’s desperate to change the channel and pick a fight with Canadians in Conservative parts of the country even if that puts our national unity at grave risk.

Spencer Fernando


Canadian democracy is under siege. We have to fight back and ensure that truth and common-sense prevail. If you would like to support my work, you are encouraged to contribute through PayPal or directly through Stripe below:


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