Flailing Singh is Failing

Socialist Singh Keeps Complaining About Galen Weston To Distract From Disastrous Liberal-NDP Economic Policies

InsightSpencerFernandoApril 5, 2023

The Liberals & NDP are wrecking Canada’s economy. Singh is terrified of Canadians noticing how much responsibility he has for all of this.

Did Galen Weston push the federal government to run massive budget deficits?

Did Galen Weston support the massive expansion of the money supply?

Did Galen Weston impose the carbon tax and vote to keep increasing it every year?

Did Galen Weston oppose energy sector projects that could have generated hundreds of billions of dollars of investment and lowered energy prices (thus lowering inflation)?

No, no, no, and no.

Galen Weston didn’t do any of those things.

But Jagmeet Singh sure did.

Singh has provided votes and political cover to Justin Trudeau as the Liberal-NDP Pact implements ruinous economic policies.

On a per capita basis, Canadians are getting poorer. We’re falling behind many peer nations. Our social programs are crumbling. Housing is massively unaffordable – an absolute travesty in a nation that is full of empty space. Many of our natural resources are underutilized as we are held back by a bunch eco-radical socialists who think screwing over Canadians will somehow alter the global climate.

At every step of the way, Jagmeet Singh has supported those disastrous policies.

And yet, he’s now trying to direct all the public outrage towards Loblaw’s CEO Galen Weston. Here’s on of Singh’s most recent social media posts, where he attacks Galen Weston for getting a raise:

“I’m sick of this.

Every cent of Greedy Galen’s 55% raise deserves to be taxed.

And, then given back to you, your family, and foodbanks throughout Canada.”

This is pathetic socialist demagoguery from Singh.

Loblaw’s is a private company, and giving their CEO a raise is none of Singh’s business. Further, Singh and all the other MPs got a raise this year, and Singh didn’t refuse his own pay increase.

Singh & the Liberal-NDP Pact are scared

Why is Singh doing this?

Partly because he seems unable to grasp basic economic concepts and thus – like all socialists – seeks to blame the successful and try to take money from others with government force.

And it’s also because Singh and the Liberal-NDP Pact are starting to get scared. As the economy gets worse and worse, more and more people could start connecting the dots between Singh/Trudeau’s socialist policies and our falling prosperity.

As people make that connection, they’ll look for alternatives, and they’ll hold Singh accountable for the damage he and Trudeau are doing to our nation.

To avoid accountability, Singh is trying to distract people and direct rage towards Galen Weston. It’s a pathetic move by a politician who has no idea how to improve our country and who is only good at propping up the Trudeau Liberals.

Spencer Fernando


As the Liberal-NDP Pact wrecks the country, we need to fight back. Truth and common-sense must prevail. If you would like to support my work, you are encouraged to contribute through PayPal or directly through Stripe below:


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