National Citizen’s Inquiry: Lies Our Scientists Told Us

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Dr Laura Braden is a true hero, one of those few willing to sacrifice her own wellbeing to protect the lives of others. In this good to the last frame, 100 minute talk and question period she exposes the biochemical criminals who are responsible for the morbidity and deaths of many thousands of Canadians and millions world wide.

The existence of HIV sequences in the Covid spike proteins came as news to me. I would have liked to ask her, “You mentioned that there are HIV sequences in the binding sites on the spike protein and these could enhance the infection of T lymphocytes. Does the unlikely presence of these sequences suggest that the virus was engineered to interfere with the human immune response, making people more susceptible to cancers and others diseases?”

Dr Laura Braden Exposes Big Pharma’s Lies and Recklessness

Dr Laura Braden has two science degrees (Cellular/Molecular Biology, and Neuroscience), a PhD in Biology/Molecular Immunology, and two post-doctoral fellowships (Pathology/Microbiology and Immunology).

This extremely qualified scientist delivered a robust organized presentation to the National Citizens Inquiry in Toronto. She decimates the criminal covid agenda carried out against Canadians. She exposes deception about the virus origin, masking, asymptomatic spread, abuse of PCR technology, the suppression of safe affordable covid treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin, and the reckless mass administration of dangerous untested mRNA injections.

I hope police or military watching this will realize your duty; and move against perpetrators of the covid crimes against humanity who are found in government, medical regulators, big-pharma, media, and other institutions.  

Please help promote and support the National Citizens Inquiry. Here is more information and all the links. Hearings continue across Canada over the next two months. You can attend in person, or watch on line.

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