Mysterious Sudden Deaths Plague Australia

The above graph shows excess deaths in those aged 0-44y in Canada over 120 weeks starting in January 2020. Seems like something similar has been going on in Australia.

14,000 Australians died of something mysterious last year and no one wants to research it

Rebecca Weisser,

By Jo Nova

Senator Alex Antic is on fire asking why no one seems interested in the 14,062 people who died unexpectedly from January to November last year. In a full year, that’s 15,300 families who lost a loved one. 15,000 lives cut short. It’s nearly twice the size of the covid toll.

Where is The Department of Health, the CSIRO, the ABC, TGA, SBS, APRHA, our universities, most newspapers and free to air TV? Do Australian lives matter?

@SenatorAnticSomething catastrophic is happening and the government and media are unconcerned.

The previous four Australian ABS Provisional Mortality Statistics data releases reveal 15.1%, 16.0%, 17.0%, and 17.3% increases in excess deaths above the baseline average. Similar, if not worse, trends, are happening all over the western world. Clearly, something serious, I would say catastrophic, is occurring, yet strangely politicians and the censorship industrial complex are almost entirely unconcerned about investigating it. They don’t want you to know what is driving this, but we all know what is causing it. 

h/t Kevin a

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data (ABS) shows that mysterious deaths were far higher than Covid deaths in the last months of 2021.

ABS: Provisional Excess Deaths.

Australian Excess Deaths, 2022, Provisional Mortality Statistics, Graph.

Meanwhile the largest vaccine and long covid study in Australia is being prematurely shut down…

A year ago it was trumpeted as a five year study of 10,000 people, presumably making people feel safer about how safety conscious the government was. Queenslanders were told they were “perfect” for this landmark study.

We know if these results showed the vaccines were safe and long covid was a problem the funding would be doubled. Apparently the results are already too toxic to allow it to continue, and the results must be aborted forthwith. This will bury them, indeed, and possibly destroy rare and valuable data of the effect of vaccines on a population that didn’t have covid. Some of this data couldn’t even be recaptured if the project was started from scratch again.

The Australian government has spent $17 billion on Australia’s vaccine and treatment of Covid 19, yet they won’t spend 0.5% of that finding out if the vaccines were safe. Priorities, right?!

Don’t axe QoVax

A priceless biobank with the answers to long Covid is threatened with destruction

The QoVax team didn’t just collect the standard data. Participants provided information on environmental and social determinants of health and biospecimens of blood and saliva that have been used to derive genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic datasets that will shed light on how the novel vaccines impact the immune system.

The secure digitally integrated biobank has 120,000 biospecimens: serum, saliva and peripheral blood mononuclear cells, in three -80 degrees Celsius freezers and three liquid nitrogen dewars. The linked data repository has four million linked data points and more than 500 whole genomes.

In addition, the biobank has access to real-time electronic medical records. With 70 per cent of hospitals in Queensland storing medical records electronically, the study was intended to allow long-term digital surveillance of health outcomes related to Covid-19 vaccinations, and intersections between vaccine responses and Sars-CoV-2 infection.

Worse still, the biobank, which should be a resource for the world, is threatened with destruction. Its precious resources will be destroyed in twelve months to save a trivial sum of money. The whole project has cost only $20 million.

It’s obvious that most cases of Covid only started to occur after December 15th, 2021.

Australian Covid cases and deaths, John Hopkins graph.

In an update, the Australian has asked what will happen to the data, and a QoVax spokesman says the data will be stored and archived. But then, six months ago, they said it would be a five year program playing “a fundamental role in future health and biomedical research”. So, how much is that worth?

I will believe nothing until all the anonymized data is publicly available. “Follow the science” they say, right up until they destroy it.

Queensland Health withdraws QoVAX Covid-19 study funding

The Australia, March 29th, 2023

The QoVAX study, the largest of its type in Australia, is examining how people’s immune systems respond to vaccines and to the virus itself and is seen as important real-world research to help manage future Covid variants.

In response to questions, a QoVAX spokesperson said that in the absence of funding after June 30, the QoVAX research data and samples would be archived and stored securely until sufficient resourcing is available to continue the research.

At the moment at least, they promise to release a report before it shuts down. Will that happen?

The QoVAX website says that the research team is still working to “integrate and analyse the large body of data.” The results will be communicated to participants, the public and via peer reviewed research and a summary will be completed prior to June 30, when the funding stops.

Australians need to fight for this data and for the study to continue. Where is Anthony Albanese, the Federal government could take this over…

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