Our Captured Elite

For centuries China has pursued its foreign policies with trade, influence and bribery rather than open war and colonization. Compliant rulers of other countries were rewarded with Chinese titles, expensive gifts, protection and preferential trade. Goods were traded at bargain prices as a way of capturing the rich elites and making them dependent vassals of China.

The more things change the more …

As Liberals Filibuster To Stop Telford Testimony, Trudeau Accuses Opposition Of “Partisan Political Games”

The Prime Minister seems to be confusing his own political interests with the interests of Canada as a whole.

The Liberal filibuster at the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs Committee continues.

For over 20 hours now, Liberal MPs have been talking endlessly in an attempt to stop Katie Telford – Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – from testifying.

It’s a very partisan move, about as partisan as it gets.

The Liberals are stopping a committee from holding a legitimate vote on a matter in the public interest – the integrity of our elections.

Yet, the Prime Minister is trying to convince Canadians that it’s the Opposition who are playing political games.

“Justin Trudeau accuses opposition politicians of playing “partisan political games” over concerns of Chinese election interference.”

Trudeau’s remarks are incredibly hypocritical.

A majority of Canadians – including a majority of Liberal supporters – want a public inquiry.

Trudeau has refused.

And instead of allowing an open vote to decide whether his Chief of Staff should testify, Trudeau’s MPs are blocking the vote from proceeding.

Justin Trudeau seems to be confusing his own political interests with the interests of the nation.

Blocking a committee vote and refusing to hold a public inquiry into China’s interference may be good for Trudeau, but refusing to investigate this deeply important issue would be very bad for Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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