Lies the Government Told US

Chuck Shumer doesn’t think that we can figure things out for ourself. He thinks that the Jan 6 committee had the exclusive right to observe the data, interpret the meaning and issue abstracts that we were not to take issue with. This contradicts the whole issue of Free Speech where the information should be available for all and questioning should be encouraged not decried. Eventually people become aware of propaganda, the distortion of information for political ends, and the distrust of government grows.

Capitol lies — footage of police helping protestors was hidden for two years

By Jo Nova

Twenty six months after the so called “deadly insurrection” at the US Capitol, the video tapes that have been hidden are finally available. This was a day that “echoed through history” according to Kamala Harris, who compared it to Pearl Harbor but didn’t want you to see the footage. People are in jail because they dressed up and walked with a police escort through open doors.

It’s a Redpill moment. The few people who did break windows or incite the crowd to do acts of violence have not been arrested.  Who were the Feds?

“Even 57% of Democrats think that it’s at least somewhat likely that Feds were not just there but were also encouraging people to riot or go into the Capitol.” — Thomas Massie Rep Congressman.

The Jan 6th Committee had all this footage. They knew…

Tucker Carlson Fox News

Jan. 6 footage shows Capitol cops escorting QAnon Shaman to Senate floor

Miranda Devine, New York Post

“The tapes show the Capitol Police never stopped Jacob Chansley. They helped him. They acted as his tour guides.”

And yet in the narrative formed that day by Democrats and much of the media, “Jacob Chansley became the face of January 6, a dangerous conspiracy theorist dressed in an outlandish costume who led the violent insurrection to overthrow America’s democracy,” says Carlson.

Chansley, the horned “Shamen” became the perfect Photo Op for the Democrats. His sentence is four years.

Why were these tapes released now? Apparently Tucker Carlson was given the footage as part of a deal to win over the last few Republican votes that were needed to get Speaker Kevin McCarthy elected as Speaker of the House.

*  *  *

This site is but a cog in an information war. Every news outlet that ran the Insurrection story on January 6th should have been showing these tapes tonight.

h/t Bill in AZ, another ian.

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