Peter Coleman: Manchurian Candidates

Our intelligence experts, ethical independent journalists, and ‘Five Eyes’ security partners have been warning us about it for years.

Many of us knew the Trudeau Liberals had been compromised by the Chinese government, but for anyone still on the fence in regards to the truth, the Globe has confirmed it.

The Liberals — and specifically Trudeau — haven’t just benefited from this cozy relationship for years in various ways that will soon become public knowledge, they even benefited from illegitimate election practices, and the undemocratic sabotage of opposition candidates in dozens of ridings.

Chinese proxy organizations were paying cash, and lots of it, and there have even been reports of threats right on the doorstep.

And what was the ultimate goal of the CCP? To deliberately return Justin Trudeau to minority power, because he was the leader they trusted most to protect China’s interests.

Some may argue he hasn’t just protected their interests but prioritized them.

With the House conveniently absent for the next two weeks, the Liberals want desperately for this to die on the vine. Already, their media allies have been trying to spin the story as something the Conservatives are “pouncing on,” as opposed to a potential act of treason carried out by a sitting Liberal government that we know will do anything to stay in power.

We’re going to let you in on a trade secret:

They knew about this for years.

So did their allies in the media.

They just hoped it would never get out.

Now it has, and it’s on non-regime media and the millions of Canadians who have had enough of this disgraceful group of authoritarian profiteers to make sure this story doesn’t die.

Justin Trudeau isn’t just selfish, divisive, illiberal, and out of touch with the needs of working Canadians, he’s also been corrupted and compromised.


Any other democratic government in history falls.

They’ll try to escape, they may even stage their own farcical Public Order Commission held by Liberal judges, but with poll numbers this bad, there’s no escaping reality.

Beijing’s man in Ottawa is finished. Maybe not today. But soon.

Help us bring about that change as soon as possible. Help stand against the might of his accomplices in media.

Let’s reach one million voters with a message of his corruption.

If you’re presently able, click to chip in against CCP assets like Justin Trudeau.


Peter Coleman
President & CEO
National Citizens Coalition, est. 1967

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