How Much More Bloodshed Will We Need Until You Submit to the World Government

From the global cabal that brought you the death and destruction of enhanced viruses and the injury and sudden deaths from mRNA therapy is another plan to shock you into seeing the truth and the light. Can you imagine a whole world controlled by the piddling genius of these psychopaths? These are the minds that promote the ho-hum terror of climate change and support the needless deaths of thousands with a crazy zeal to power down fossil fuels and energize the planet with environment destroying daydreams. These are the minds squeezing out pesticides, fertilizers, and agriculture while promoting synthetic meats and bugs. These are the boffins who promote urban terrorism as they render long established laws moot. The addled brains that are stifling the speech of the educated and the eccentrics.

It is never a good situation when one person or one group does all the thinking and worse still when you realize that it would be this effete lot. Would you let them babysit your children let alone look after your health care and economy?

In the early 15th century if I have this right, China was the most progressive nation on Earth, benefitting from several diverse provinces with thousands of creative minds and hundreds of novel inventions. With increases in wealth and technology, the inquisitive emperor launched great ships to explore territories known and unknown. Then the emperor died, replaced by a man who shut down innovation and erected walls to shut off a highly controlled China from the barbarians. One man’s xenophobia that, with a policy of ‘the nail that stands up is hammered down’, eventually crushed the advancements of a great society.

As China languished, their advances slowly drifted along the Silk Road into Europe and there, the competitions between a myriad of principalities were the fertile environment to launch the renaissance and eventually the technologies, the sciences and the reformation that created the modern world.

The greatest strength of our society is its diversity, a diversity of ideas conceived by millions of different minds. Through the free exchange of these ideas, the natural selection of the marketplace eventually adopts the better ideas and winnows out the dreck. Vital to the ‘invisible hand’ that directs this free market is free speech and the free exchange of ideas.

Economics is far too complex for the direction of one or a few limited minds.

World Government Summit Panel Discusses the ‘Shock’ Needed for the New World Order Transformation (VIDEO)

At The World Government Summit 2023 panel discussion, Professor Arturo Bris from the IMD World Competitiveness Center, argued that a “shock” was needed for the transformation to the New World Order.

It’s all part of the plan for complete control over the common man. How wicked.

Dr. Arturo Bris: How is this transition going to happen? I totally agree that the world order, the way it is built today, doesn’t make any sense. That is not in line with the economic powers like India, Brazil or Germany. They don’t have a massive role in the international order. But to me, the big question is how we are going to go through this transformation. It cannot be gradual. It has to be, has to be, driven by a part, by a certain shock that will happen. So now we will reconsider this entire no.

They’re telling us what they are going to do.

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