Turning Victims Into Profits

I just had a phone call from the man who shall not be named. You might remember that a few years ago this CAF officer disclosed insider information  on the Trudeau government’s radical plans for Canada’s future; plans that are now unfolding in Canada’s present.  

He is presently working with several embassies in darkest Africa; darkest and apparently getting even darker. Thirty+ years of aid and the situations in the aggrieved countries are getting worse. One of his countries is still a democracy but it is almost at the bottom of the UN’s quality of life list. It is his opinion that it is the aid itself that is exacerbating the problems. Turns out that it is highly profitable to be a basket case, the money just pours on in from the outside world and the deserving are lifted, nay rocketed, out of poverty. But that is only the self-serving deserving, and the great majority are left in poverty. My understanding is that if the money was distributed to the poor it would would destroy the golden scam and worst of all the country might actually have to get its act together. Imagine if the news showed happy, healthy, educated, prosperous Africans – the political elites, the greens and the NGOs would be furious. 

It appears the present system hasn’t failed, it actually works very well to reinforce poverty, hopelessness and corruption.

I asked if he had any solutions and he bracketed the answer with high cost and low cost estimates. The low cost solution was tough love. Cut off the funding and force the countries to solve their own problems. Option two, was to increase funding, no longer paltry billions but increase this to trillions with a thirty year plan to educate and modernize the people. 

Aside: I think these are both high cost plans. Option one would cost lives, local lives as the already poor and disadvantaged Africans are made still poorer even as the inconvenienced leaders live off the interest in their Swiss bank accounts. Option two would offshore and spread the enormous financial cost among developed countries; there would still be a cost in lives as the poor in all countries are disproportionally affected by increased taxes and the resulting inflationary pressures, loss of educational opportunities, diminishing infrastructure and weakened benefit programs.

And then the conversation changed. He who shall not be named cast aspersions on the genteel jet-setting folk wining, whining, dining and plotting in Davos. In the intervening years he seems to have realized that these elites are not really interested in solutions but are interested more in a world unsullied by the deplorables. He also seems to be disenchanted with Trudeau the Younger. We didn’t go into details but I got the sense that he is aware of my earlier articles on the Strategic Planning Committee and wanted to reassure me that he is no longer supporting the Liberal WEF world. He mentioned that one thing that all people want, no matter where they live, is that their children have better lives than they had. He has concern for his own children’s futures in our present world muddled by idiots playing God. Interestingly, the concern for children echos the concerns of the anonymous Liberal who posted a letter on the Strategic Planning Committee.

Lately he has been drawn toward Pierre Poilievre though worries that Poilievre seems too smug and that his present feel good policies will disappear following election.

The conversation gave me a feeling of relief, perhaps those who once supported Trudeau’s mad-cap adventures are now seeing him as a stooge of the WEF Davos elite. One can hope.

And on that sense of hope, are there better solutions for the poverty dilemma than either turning the money spigot off or blasting it full on? That dilemma that arises when you finally start earning your own way in life and have difficulty playing the lucrative victim role? Here is one suggestion:

We live in an age where all of the knowledge of mankind is available with a swipe and a gesture. However, there is a lot of time spent killing angry birds and crushing candy. It is my suggestion that we look to develop ways of learning that teach reading, languages, history, vocabulary, maths, science, and engineering and do so with all the appeal of video games. Is it possible? I have some ideas.

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