Yakk Stack: Disturbing Data from BC

Is This Why BC Put a Gag Order on Healthcare Staff?

Disturbing Data from BC

Sheldon Yakiwchuk3 hr ago

Having drilled out the stats for Case Rate Fatality in Alberta yesterday and noticing a 37% increase in CFR following the Jabs and an staggering 561% increase in CFR following Bivalent Boosters, I figured I’d dive into the British Columbia Stats.

Reason being…

More than 50% of all COVID Deaths reported for the Province of BC were reported in 2022:

And to give a fair comparison…we’d have to note the difference in Vaccinations with Boosters, given the criteria of Primary Series Completed or Received a Booster Dose in the last 6 Months.

BC tipping the scales in with more than double of the percentage of population having had their last jab in the last 6 months over AB – 34.2% to 15.8%, respectively.

BC is also only one of the provinces who have refused to hire back Healthcare Workers who aren’t fully vaccinated and has elected to replace 2,500 Healthcare workers by importing 2,000 from other countries at a large cost of not only time and lives, but in actual dollars.

I’ve drilled into this a little bit here:

I Hope AB Nurses are Paying Attention…

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16 days ago · 60 likes · 20 comments · Sheldon Yakiwchuk

But also want to bring up the fact that inside of Bill C-36 that forces jabs and testing onto Healthcare Workers under the threat of being fired for non-compliance, they have also thrown in a Gag Order…stating that anybody that speaks out about the accepted narrative will also be fired, have their licenses removed and subject to fines.

Under this alone…It’s hard to not believe that there isn’t a complete Exodus from the BC Healthcare System, where after 3 years of learning how to not kill COVID patients, 2 years of Vaccinations and 1 year with Paxlovid – outpatient treatment, that more people died from COVID last year than did in the 2 years prior.

If you were a healthcare professional, how could you NOT question the narrative?

How could you NOT be looking at the statistics and wondering why all of these people are dying, despite following everything that CMOH of BC – Queen Bonnie, has been dictating?

I was shocked by the increase in CFR in Alberta – up 561% following the Bivalent Vaccines…but am even more shocked that over the last 6 months in BC, their CFR has been over 10% for 3 reporting periods, seeing 13.84% as the highest, reported in the week leading up to Christmas.

What you have to appreciate about this is that a CFR of 10% means that 1 in 10 people who catch COVID will Die from COVID…and BC has beaten that number 3x…and who could have imagined that this would have all happened post introduction of the Bivalent Vaccines:

This is a snapshot of the same timeframe that I used from the Alberta Data, here:

561% INCREASE in COVID Fatality Rate Following Bivalent Boosters…

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19 hours ago · 38 likes · 9 comments · Sheldon Yakiwchuk

Where the Highest CFR reported by AB during this timeframe was 4.2% or just a little better than 50% of that of BC…given that their averaged out CFR for this timeframe was 7.1% or seeing COVID deaths at a ratio of 1 in 12 people dying from COVID following infection.

All of their numbers are actually quite alarming, during this last 6 month period with exception of the last week of the year, showing a CFR of only 1.88%.

For 2021, given this exact timeframe, from the 3rd week in August and moving forward, BC’s Averaged Out CFR tips in at .84%…last year, 7.1%…showing a WHOPPING INCREASE in CFR by 745%.

As in, you are over 7x MORE Likely to DIE from COVID following the Bivalent Boosters than you were in the one year prior.

Again, I’d like to ask, is this the reason that BC put a Gag Order on their Healthcare Staff?

As has been stated in the AB report, there is a lot less testing going on and this isn’t unique to Alberta…the entire country has stopped the worthless Mass Testing and requirements for Testing to be in public or not self-quarantined for 14 days…so, in 021 when BC reported 1,522 Deaths, this was based over 205,720 cases, where for 2022, they only reported 134,263 Cases but 2,473 Deaths.

But by what logic can be used to rationalize less testing for COVID if the COVID Deaths in BC for 2022 were greater than the sum total of 2020 and 2021?

By what rationalization could they say that the Jabs are the Best Protection from COVID, when they’ve vaccinated more than 2x their population by way of percentage than Alberta has (in the last 6 months)…and given that the population of BC is around 800k more people than Alberta in the 2022 consensus?

More people vaccinated = More Deaths.

Increase in CFR from Year over Year Comparison shows a 745% increase in COVID Mortality.

Total Deaths in 2021 and 2022 are less than that of 2023…where the increase in mortality from COVID in BC from 2021 to 2022 was increased by 62%.

I’ve stated before and will state again…the number of cases reported by all provinces is rather moot because a lot of people have never been tested and recorded – Rapid Antigen Testing and a lot of people who had the sniffles, couldn’t be bothered to be tested. Stabbing your brain with a sponge can’t be a pleasant experience…especially if you are already sick.

I’ve also stated that the number of people who’ve died From COVID is greatly inflated and you can read about this here:

Died “With” COVID or “From” COVID 

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9 months ago · 15 likes · 11 comments · Sheldon Yakiwchuk

Given the most updated data from BC…they’ve either got to admit that lockdowns and passports were key strategies to reducing mortality…off of this, throw the province BACK into a lockdown state…

Or they have to admit that the vaccines are actually making things a lot worse and that the failure of their healthcare system is due to pharmaceutical interventions.

There’s no other explanations available.

But what they’ve done is the complete opposite.

Not only are they still recommending more jabs, they’ve fired 2000 healthcare workers during a healthcare worker shortage, and forced others to just not talk about how bad things are getting.

It’s straight up homicide at this point.

This isn’t even a secret…not a well kept secret anyways…I talked jabs driving waves of cases, hospitalizations and mortalities before…using data provided by the Province of Alberta. Check it:

Boosters – Criminally Negligent Homicide or Pre-Meditated Murder?

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8 months ago · 105 likes · 38 comments · Sheldon Yakiwchuk

And since the start of this all, I’ve stated one thing unequivocally – the greatest damage that will be done by governments and healthcare not speaking out about this is the complete loss of confidence in our Healthcare System.

Is This Why BC Put a Gag Order on Healthcare Staff?

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