Carney at the Carnival

How unfortunate that carne is latin for meat and carney means a carnival barker. But somehow appropriate.

Carney dodges questions about Trudeau’s China hypocrisy while at WEF

The Australia-based Rebel News journalist caught up to the head of the bank of Canada and the current UN climate czar on the streets of Davos, Switzerland, to ask him about the Canadian prime minister’s remarks condemning China for the communist crackdown on anti-COVID restriction protesters.

Mark Carney, the UN Special Envoy for Climate Action, refused to condemn his friend, Trudeau, for the PM’s hypocritical attacks on peaceful anti-covid protesters during February’s Freedom Convoy.

At the 2022 WEF meetings in Davos, Carney and Yemini met for the first time under similar conditions.

Trudeau has previously referred to China as his “favourite dictatorship.”

Trudeau used a never-before-used law, the Emergencies Act, to end a weeks-long demonstration against COVID restrictions to arrest protesters and seize their bank accounts.

Carney has been floated as a successor to Trudeau to lead the Liberals.

To see the coverage from the Rebel News team of international journalists at the annual World Economic Forum meetings in the sleepy Swiss resort town of Davos, please visit

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