Sinister Things: The Silence is Deafening

Neil Oliver interviews Dr. John Campbell on the National Health Service (NHS) and Covid. Dr. Campbell has a professional intellectual inertia and has methodically looked at the data for the past three years. Over time he has come to the same conclusions that many came to within months but that is not to disparage, he has done an unassailable job of clarifying the sinister performance of the pharmaceutical companies and governments in mandating questionable treatments and vaccines.

Why is Moderna building mRNA production facilities worldwide? Are they planning to use the seriously flawed mRNA delivery to produce a panoply of vaccines, perhaps many other mRNA treatments? Is this building on the ‘success’ of the Covid ‘vaccine’, its ‘proven’ safety and effectiveness? Are the governments in league to conceal the unsafeness and ineffectiveness so they can get their multi million dollar investments.

The flaw in mRNA treatments may be difficult to overcome. The process depends on ‘infecting’ your own cells with strands of mRNA that are then translated into foreign proteins. The cells then display these foreign proteins on their surfaces to be detected by the immune system. Some lymphocytes respond by producing antibodies, but the killer T cells respond by destroying the cell that displays the foreign protein. The site of this immune attack becomes inflamed as cells die. If heart cells are involved, the heart is inflamed causing myocarditis and permanent damage to heart tissue. If the endothelial cells lining arteries are inflamed this could result in deadly blood clots and later buildup of fibrous scar tissue that occludes the blood vessels and may cause heart attacks.

It is likely any mRNA treatment will cause these inflammations and damage somewhere in the body. Why are the governments so gung ho about these treatments that are so flawed? How are they going to persuade (coerce) the public to take anything with mRNA on the label?

Just a guess but there may be a connection to British Columbia’s Bill C36. This bill seeks to amalgamate many different medical groups, from physicians to massage therapists to Chinese practitioners under one large umbrella of groupthink. There are huge fines for those who would dare to question the consensus of their political masters. Is the plan to so completely control the plot, that the college will bludgeon their unwilling members to push mRNA on their patients. no matter the costs in health and lives?

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