I’m Afraid They Really Could Care Less About You

The CDC has been ignoring the DEATH safety signal in VAERS for more than two years now

But nobody is holding them accountable except me. I tried billboards, but now it’s time to ramp up the campaign. Here’s my email to the CDC director.

Steve Kirsch4 hr ago

Executive summary

Thanks to the brilliant work of VAERS Analysis, we now know that the DEATH safety signal was first triggered in VAERS less than a month after the vaccines rolled out. Nobody at the CDC cared enough to alert the public that a killer vaccine had been unleashed.

Two years later, even after a billboard campaign we paid for right outside CDC headquarters to call this to their attention, they are still ignoring it and not letting the public know.

Members of Congress are not calling for an investigation. They are doing nothing. Not even a letter to Walensky to ask what’s up.

The mainstream media is doing nothing as usual. No stories. No investigation. The CDC can ignore hundreds of safety signals and that’s just perfectly OK with the media.

So it is clearly my personal responsibility to inform the American people directly that hundreds of safety signals (including death) triggered in VAERS and not only does the CDC know it (we know that from the FOIA requests), but they are doing absolutely nothing to inform the public.

The CDC is clearly a corrupt agency, Congress is complicit for not calling them out on this, and so is the mainstream medical community and press. They are all looking the other way while innocent Americans are being slaughtered by these vaccines.

Even when the vaccine takes the life of a Congressman’s child (see this article about Gwen Casten), the father does nothing to investigate the true cause of the death. It’s very very sad.

I find it troubling that when 1M airline passengers are delayed, there will be an immediate and thorough investigation. Yet when all the evidence consistently shows that at least 500K Americans are killed by their government, there is silence from everyone and no investigation.

Is that how science works?

The email I just sent to Dr. Walensky and hundreds of CDC employees

Dear Dr. Walensky,

I do not understand why the CDC has continued to ignore the DEATH safety signal for the COVID vaccines in VAERS for over 2 years now

The last time I wrote to you on October 28, 2022 about the death safety signal, I waited patiently for a reply. I heard nothing.

Why are you still not letting the public know about this critical safety issue? Do you honestly believe that concealing this information will save lives? I have to be honest with you: I find this behavior extremely upsetting.

We now know that the death safety signal first triggered less than a month after the COVID vaccines rolled out (even sooner if you stratify by age). The CDC was silent when this happened. They stood by while people died in massive numbers. This is unconscionable.

I personally noticed that the death safety signal triggered when I checked a few months ago. I was the first person in the world to discover this and bring it to the public’s attention. I was ignored by the mainstream press of course, because they are paid to push the “safe and effective” narrative and to ignore all adverse safety data, even when it is in public view and can be verified by anyone.

I also documented my efforts to bring the death safety signal to John Su’s personal attention which you can view here. He ignored me as he always does. 

When that failed, I paid for a billboard outside of CDC headquarters to call this urgent matter to your attention. Looks like nobody at the CDC noticed it. 

You cannot dismiss these signals with hand-waving arguments (including it’s just stimulated reporting or correlation isn’t causation).

With respect to causality, all five of the Bradford Hill causality criteria for vaccines are satisfied. Plus, if the vaccine didn’t cause these deaths what did? Our medical experts reviewed a randomly selected number of VAERS reports in detail and we did not find a single record where it appeared that the death could not have been caused by the vaccine. If there is another killer with the exact same symptom fingerprint as the COVID vaccines, why aren’t you warning people about it?

The excess deaths were not due to overreporting and I have PROOF of that. Would you like to see the data? Obviously, John Su doesn’t care to see the data. The research was done by a very highly respected market research professional. It showed that the propensity to report to VAERS is unchanged in 2021 and 2022 compared to prior years. This is exactly what you’d expect when you look at the data in VAERS because the ONLY vaccine that has these excess reports is the COVID vaccine. How do you explain that? There is no evidence of over-reporting just as there was never any evidence of overreporting in 2009 with the HPV vaccine (the Slade report) as pointed out on page 115 of Turtles All the Way Down.

The CDC is clearly not incompetent because the CDC knew that at least 770 safety signals were triggered in VAERS. We know this because CDC was recently forced to admit this in response to a FOIA request.

We are left with the inescapable conclusion that the CDC deliberately hid this important safety information from the American public. 

And if the CDC did that, it can only mean one thing: the agency is corrupt.

Furthermore, as far as I know, not a single CDC employee has spoken out publicly about this dereliction of duty to protect the public from harm and to ensure the public is being given INFORMED consent.

The silence from employees at the CDC suggests that it is likely that hundreds of employees at the agency are complicit in the withholding of the safety signals, and this is not just limited to a few key individuals.

What do you plan to do about this? Just ignore this email and hope the problem will go away? It won’t, I can assure you.

The silence from the CDC on this urgent matter is deafening especially with all the sudden deaths that nobody seems to be able to explain. EVERYONE is seeing all the sudden deaths. Yet the CDC is silent as to this new killer? How can this be? This new “disease” has killed more people than COVID has.

I can show you PROOF that the sudden deaths are all correlated to the vaccinated. Would you like to see the data? John Su doesn’t. I have 1,543 death reports that show that you are more than 4 times more likely to “die suddenly” if you are vaccinated. That is statistically significant. How do you explain that?  You can verify each one of them. I have all the contact information for each of these reports. I have tried to contact the agency in the past to share this data, but nobody wants to see my data. Doing document submissions does nothing. Speaking at the ACIP meetings is useless as well.

The Comments on these death reports are heartbreaking. Bad things start to happen right after the vaccine and then people die. Please read through the death reports of the vaccinated; there are 843 with comments. I think you’ll find them troubling. Do you really think that none of these were caused by the COVID vaccine? That they all were just “coincidences”? I don’t know of any objective person who can read through all those reports and think there is no association. Here’s an excerpt: “Nursing home required continuous vaccinations while it gave them all heart failure.” How can a safe and effective vaccine do that?

I also found it very troubling that nobody at the CDC wanted to see the safety data collected by the Israeli Ministry of Health either. Not even ACIP Chair Grace Lee wanted to see the safety data collected by the scientific team appointed by the MoH. Not only didn’t she want to see the data, but she didn’t even want to answer the question as to whether she wanted to see the data! Watch this video showing how she chose to avoid answering the question. Even after the cops handed her the note asking her the question, she still refused to answer the question! This has to be very troubling to you that the chair of the outside committee chooses to run and hide when asked if she wants to see the safety data, isn’t it? I tried all forms of communication before that. SHE IGNORED ALL OF THEM. How is that protecting the public when the top outside safety official refuses to hear credible safety data that has been DELIBERATELY covered up by the Israeli government?

Do you honestly believe that looking the other way will make the safety signals go away? Clearly, ACIP Chair Grace Lee does. That is crystal clear. Are you also corrupt?

Today, there are over 15,000 EXCESS DEATHS in the VAERS system for the COVID vaccine in the USA alone. 

But we know from the anaphylaxis rates, that the underreporting factor is at least 41 for serious adverse events. Attorney Aaron Siri, who I am sure you know very well (due to the many lawsuits he’s filed against the CDC in order to expose the safety data), calculated an even higher number than mine (as have other scientists). In this letter, that he wrote to you on October 21, 2021, he estimated that deaths are underreported in VAERS by a factor of 50 to 120. I agree with Aaron, but I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt by using 41 which is the most conservative estimate, and which I painstakingly calculated in this 64 page document. Aaron’s number is more realistic; mine is the most conservative.

Despite our ability to easily calculate this number, John Su REFUSES to calculate the underreporting factor for VAERS for these vaccines. In the ACIP meetings, he never even talks about the factor that should be applied. NEVER. EVER. That’s UNETHICAL. There is a known way to calculate this number. And John Su knows how to calculate it because he’s the senior author of the CDC paper on how to do the calculation!

What this means is that over 500,000 Americans have already been killed by the COVID vaccines (15,000 * 41)

And not a word from the CDC about it? Nobody can explain those 15,000 excess deaths. Nobody. Not even for a million dollars they won’t explain it. 

We know that the COVID vaccine kills people. This is documented in the peer-reviewed scientific literature which points out there is no other plausible cause for the deaths. And we know from the paper that the COVID vaccines leave a “telltale fingerprint” when it kills someone; the matching pattern can sometimes be found at the injection site as well. Nobody can explain how the same pattern of damage is found at the injection site and in the heart. That’s not a coincidence. The expert pathologists have NEVER seen that pattern before.

The fact that there are no autopsies in the US that use the proper histopathological studies and proper stains to assess whether the COVID vaccine may have caused the death is troubling. The methods are documented in the scientific literature in multiple papers.

Yet, I know of only one pathologist in the US, Dr. Ryan Cole, who is doing such studies. It is extremely troubling to me that the CDC has never contacted him to understand why you are not finding any association with the vaccine in any of your histopathology samples and he’s finding causality in 100% of his cases. Surely it is important to resolve the discrepancy isn’t it? Why are you not publishing your slides? The precautionary principle of medicine requires you to give Dr. Cole the benefit of the doubt here, until proven otherwise. This is further amplified by the fact that in other countries, they have recognized that the vaccine causes death.

Dr. Naomi Wolf validated my recent statement on Fox News that hundreds of thousands of Americans have been killed by the shots using independent methods

Unlike Dr. Wolf, Fox News declined to validate my numbers after I made the statement on their network. I asked them if they wanted to see all the data backing up my claim so that they could verify it, and they declined to request my data. It seems like they think the problem will go away if they don’t look. I can assure you, it will not.

In the UK, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, one of the UK’s top cardiologists, was interviewed by the BBC about all the cardiac deaths in the UK. He called for a halt to the COVID vaccines in the UK due to all the deaths. Why would he jeopardize his career to say this? It’s simple: after his father died from cardiac arrest, he spent 6 months looking at all the evidence and which implicated the COVID vaccine as the cause of his father’s death. Other highly respected individuals in the UK, including Dr. John Campbell have switched sides from being 100% pro-vaccine to now calling for a halt to the COVID vaccine. Why would they do that? 

Even more troubling is that in every poll of American households I’ve done, more than 1% report a death that they believe was CAUSED by the COVID vaccine. Here is the most recent survey with over 73,000 respondents. The numbers are troubling. Very troubling. 

To eliminate the possibility of bias, we also did polls of a cross-section of America selected by a third party polling firm. The independent firm ran the poll and tallied the results. This addresses the hand-waving argument that “Your survey is wrong because your participants are biased against the vaccine.” Check out page 19: a 9.25% YES answer to the question ” Did any members of your household die from the COVID vaccine?” This compares to the 9.9% number in the poll of 73,000 people. So you could argue that yes, my poll was biased, but only slightly (9.25% vs. 9.9%). So discounting this by 10X is very conservative. A 1% rate which represents roughly 1.2M deaths (since there are 120M US households).

My question to you is simple: “What do YOUR surveys show?” Can we see them or are they secret?

The New York Times and CNN and every other mainstream media outlet is absolutely terrified of doing polls like this. It’s never going to happen. They don’t want the public to see what is really happening.

Asking large medical practices directly these questions yields numbers that are even higher. For example, I can put you in contact with a geriatric practice of 1,000 patients where they had 11 deaths a year and in 2022, they had 36 deaths. The doctor in charge attributes all the excess deaths to the COVID vaccine. So that’s 25 vaccine-related deaths out of nearly 1,000 adults over 65 in a one year period. How do you explain that? Would you like to verify this? I’d be happy to put you in touch with the medical practice if you promise you won’t take away their license to practice medicine for telling the truth. They are afraid to speak out about what is happening because of all the fear and intimidation practices that we are seeing in countries around the world.

It is troubling that I’ve never heard of the CDC telling medical boards that it is wrong to prosecute doctors who want to share COVID vaccine adverse event data publicly. Do you approve of such censorship or not? It would be good to hear from the CDC on this important issue.

That’s hardly the worst example of vaccine failure. The Clifton Hill Aged Care facility in Australia normally has 2 or 3 deaths in a year across all the residents. After the vaccines rolled out, that number shot up to over 20 in the 12-months post vaccine. It couldn’t have been COVID since we know how “effective” the vaccines are. So what do you think all these people died from? Coincidence? I have the video proving the deaths.

I tried to find a geriatric practice where the death rate dropped after the COVID vaccines rolled out. I failed. Do you know of one? Anywhere in the world? If the vaccine is so safe and effective, why are nearly all the medical practices I’ve contacted reporting that all-cause mortality has gone dramatically UP after the jabs rolled out? Again, it can’t be from COVID deaths since all the residents are vaccinated. So why are the deaths going up everywhere?

Yesterday, I got a message from a nurse at USC Keck Medical Center. I have her name if you want to verify this. She said, “Vaxx Status Data not collected as part of medical history on admission nor is it mentioned anywhere in notes. As an RN I ask but do not document as NOBODY wants to know.” 

I did a quick survey to see how common this is and found that this is what most hospitals do now. Any critical thinker would wonder, “If the vaccine is so safe, why doesn’t anyone want to know the vaccination status of the patients in the hospitals?” 

It’s important to note that governments that used to publish data by vaccination status (such as the UK and New South Wales) stopped reporting this data IMMEDIATELY after the numbers started getting ridiculously bad for the vaccines. Do you think this was just a coincidence? Or do you think it was deliberate? It’s an experimental vaccine still (no approved vaccine has shipped in the US) and most hospitals do not want to know?!?! How is that protecting the public? Why is the CDC silent on this practice? Shouldn’t the CDC be directing all hospitals to collect this information and make it public so we have INFORMED CONSENT?

A very courageous New Zealand funeral director recently reported that 95% of the people dying had a COVID vaccine in the two weeks before they died. That isn’t correlation. That’s causation.  All five of the Bradford Hill causality criteria for vaccines are satisfied. There is simply no possible way to explain that “coincidence” if the shot isn’t killing people in massive numbers. Most other funeral directors are afraid to speak out. And even if they did, the press wouldn’t cover it.

The embalmer reports are absolutely devastating as well. In a large survey sent to over 800 funeral homes in major cities all across the U.S. and to 30 state Funeral Director/Embalmer Associations, 68% of embalmers admit to seeing these novel clots and over 25% say they are present in 40% or more of cases. I simply do not understand how you can ignore this. This is a huge red flag. I’ll be happy to share the detailed polling data with you. Why has nobody from the CDC reached out to Dr. Cole to learn more? It’s almost as if you don’t want to know the truth.

The embalmer data is independent validation that the COVID vaccines are prematurely killing massive numbers of Americans. There is no other possible explanation. It is IMPOSSIBLE that these are post-mortem clots as some arm-chair pathologists have speculated. We know that two different ways: Chris Martenson explained the science behind these clots in this excellent video, and 2 foot long intact clots have been extracted from LIVE people (normal clots never are 2 feet long and intact; this has never been seen before AFAIK). These clots were NEVER seen before the COVID vaccines rolled out. 

More than 14 million Americans saw the film Died Suddenly. Yet, the CDC is silent on these novel “clots.” How is that possible? 

Here is the article showing the DEATH safety signal triggered 2 years ago:

Here is the article with our billboards in case you missed seeing them.

Please give me a call at xxxx  letting me know whether or not you plan to investigate. 

And one last thing. If you really want to stop COVID misinformation, the best way to do that is to engage them in a dialog, not try to censor them. I explained this in detail in my open letter to you that you also ignored.

I’m looking forward to chatting with you.



What will Dr. Walensky do?

Have DHS arrest Steve as terrorist


What the press, medical community, and members of Congress should do

They should call for an investigation as to how the DEATH safety signal can trigger for two years and the CDC says nothing to the American public that the vaccines might not be as safe as they thought they were.

What do you think Congress, the press, and the medical community will do?

Find a rock and hide under it

Publicly call for an investigation



This is corruption. If Dr. Walensky doesn’t call for an investigation, she should be fired.

Congress, the media, and the medical community should all be publicly calling for an investigation of the corruption at the CDC.

But we know what will happen; they will simply ignore the corruption just like they always do. After all, there is nobody that is going to hold Congress, the media, and the medical community accountable other than the American public. So they can, in this case, get away with murder.

To the American public, you should be outraged by all of this. If your representatives in Congress aren’t publicly calling for an investigation, DO NOT RE-ELECT THEM.

If your doctor isn’t calling these agencies out publicly, switch to a doctor who is.

Stop supporting mainstream media that support the vaccine. They are now propaganda outlets, not news outlets. Switch to supporting news sites that carry the news like The Epoch Times. Never donate to Wikipedia. They are the worst.

If you want to help support free speech, become a paid subscriber to my Substack. A chunk of your subscription goes to supporting this incredible free speech platform.

If you take no action, do not expect anything to change

As for me, I’m going to make it much more difficult for Congresswoman Anna Eshoo to keep ignoring me. People are dying and Eshoo and her staff refuse to look at any of the data and are protecting the drug companies. 

If you want to help me with that, use the Contact me form and click the “help me with Anna Eshoo” box. We can then leverage our success and tell other people how to get their members of Congress to take action.


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