A Pandemic of Misinformed Doctors

Thanks Greg

Aseem Malhotra is a top UK cardiologist who has !gasp! questioned ‘the science’. However, unknown to the true believers, this is not blasphemy; as Dr. Malhotra says, asking questions is the very essence of science, a constant reexamination of what we have long thought is true.

Dr. Malhotra has questioned the use of statins to control cholesterol and the malnutrition caused by eating sugar and processed foods. His studies have shown that improved diets would improve the health of his patients far more than any pharmaceutical interventions. His advice has not been well received by Big Pharma.

Following the sudden death of his healthy father and information sent by colleagues about studies being hidden and large increases in sudden cardiac deaths, Dr. Mahotra is now uncovering the truth about these dangerous vaccines. More advice: “Don’t trust the psychopaths”.

This interview with Tucker Carlson is compelling and one only wishes it had been done two years ago when the vaccine adverse events were first becoming known. My good friend Allan did sent out warnings as early as January 8, 2021. Many other warnings came out in March and April of that same year. How many lives could have been saved if the warnings had been heeded.

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