Steve Kirsch Gets to Debate

Long video but gives you an idea of the narrow thought processes of the adverse event deniers. Best to skip the first hour when Mark and Karan discuss irrelevancies and watch Steve with Karan.

My comments follow:

Steve you are a saint, how you can keep from mocking the people you debate is amazing. Karan is obviously a medical student with little understanding of scientific method and a lot of institutionalized thinking. Somehow he thinks he can defeat the statistics and studies with the egotistic argument that He cannot see a mechanism for sudden deaths therefore the observations can be ignored. In science observations come first, interpretations and mechanisms come second maybe a distant second. An understanding of mechanism may not be known for many years but that does not mean you can ignore valid observations.

His comments include that he ‘can’t see how they [vaccines] can kill people’ and is that ‘asymptomatic sudden death is not possible’. This is only his claim and has no data and is not convincing. Although not necessary for the debate here is a possible mechanism for sudden asymptomatic death:

It is very possible that the escape of vaccine causes the presentation of spike proteins on the surface of cells throughout the vascular system. This could result in inflammation and cell death due to an immune response from killer T cells. There is a problem in larger arteries where high blood pressures collapse capillaries in the arterial wall. This collapse prevents the arterial lining from getting needed oxygen and nutrients making it more difficult to heal. Persistent inflammation and damage can cause short term clotting and blockage of arteries. Longer term, the damaged arteries can build up fibrous plaques that restrict blood flow.

As the asymptomatic plaques build up on the arterial wall, the blood flow speeds up through the narrowing lumen. With increasing exercise and increasing flood flow through the arterial restriction the Bernoulli effect suddenly collapses the artery. In a coronary artery this would cause a sudden heart attack. Alternatively the plaques can break free flowing into downstream capillary beds causing sudden strokes, or embolisms.

Short term and long term asymptomatic sudden deaths all in one hypothesis.

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