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Although the FDA acknowledges that there are increased numbers of pulmonary embolisms in the vaccinated they cannot see the link. At least it is better than the CDC who do not even see the increased adverse events.

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FDA acknowledges that pulmonary embolism generated a safety signal

However, I pointed out this safety issue >1 year ago! It was obvious at that time since it was the top safety signal in VAERS, elevated nearly 954x. Today, the CDC still hasn’t found the signal!!!

Steve Kirsch

19 hr ago


What is Pulmonary Embolism? | American Venous Forum
Pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs) is life threatening. But the CDC is told to ignore looking at safety signals and focus on driving a “needle in every arm.”

Executive summary

The FDA spotted a safety signal using the CMS database that the vaccine might cause pulmonary embolism (PE). But they aren’t sure if it is the COVID vaccine or not. After all, it could be something else like some new virus that nobody knows about yet!

But the signal is crystal clear in the VAERS database. It generated a safety signal at least a year ago, but unfortunately, the CDC isn’t monitoring VAERS for safety; they just maintain it to be compliant with the law.

The PE signal is over 6,500 times normal for ONLY the COVID vaccines. The counts are normal for all the other vaccines. If it isn’t the vaccine that is causing this, what is? And why is it ONLY affecting people who get the COVID vaccine? Nobody at the FDA is able to explain this.

Bottom line: The CDC isn’t looking at any of the safety signals, so they won’t find any. The FDA is equally clueless and it will take decades before they can tie the pulmonary embolism to the vaccine. 

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo ignores all attempts to contact her regarding this.


Here’s the Epoch Times article entitled Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Linked to Blood Clotting: FDAThe FDA used the CMS database (Medicare) for the research.

Here’s my tweet about it:

Now hear this

The Epoch Times article said,

The FDA said it was not taking any action on the results because they do not prove the vaccines cause any of the four outcomes, and because the findings “are still under investigation and require more robust study.” 

OK, but here is a VAERS query I did just now over the entire 32 years of data. It took me all of 30 seconds to do the query. This is something that seems beyond the technical skills of anyone working at the CDC or FDA. In 30 seconds, you get a search result that is impossible to explain if the vaccines are safe and effective:

Do you see a safety signal?? There are 13,608 reports for the COVID vaccines and a “normal” vaccine might have 1 PE event in 32 years. Do you think the COVID vaccine causes PE? Of course it does! If it doesn’t, the FDA needs to tell us the more likely cause of the association. 

But they will simply study the problem, trying to narrow down the possible causes from this list of possible causes:

  1. COVID vaccine

Tough problem right??? Maybe they should ask for help from some experts to help them narrow down the list of possibilities.

6,500X normal

The FLU3 vaccine has about 1 case of PE per year. Say 2X as many people got the COVID vax. This suggests that the 13,608 should be divided by 2. 

So we are looking at an elevation of over 6,500X normal.

I pointed out this safety signal more than a year ago

Here’s the proof I knew about this signal over a year ago. Three different places (using different methods for calculating the X factor):

  1. All you need to know about COVID vaccine safety (October 22, 2021). See slide 73 and look at the TOP item on the list. Pulmonary embolism was elevated by 473X normal.
  2. Also, see page 28 in my Estimating the number of deaths in America article.
  3. See Why can’t anyone explain how these 14 kids died after getting vaccinated? Of 14 kids who died after being vaccinated, 2 died from pulmonary embolism. Kids never die of pulmonary embolism. This article is from a year ago. To have 2 of 14 kids die of PE is a HUGE red flag. Instead, the CDC ignored it. “Nothing to see here; move along.”
  4. Also, see The VAERS X-factor analysis that I published over a year ago on my Substack. Feast your eyes on line item 24 showing a 954X increase over normal at the time. And I didn’t do this analysis. It was done by Albert Benavides at my request.


Pulmonary embolism, a life-threatening side effect caused by the COVID vaccine, has been in plain sight for more than a year as one of the top safety signals that is impossible to miss. 

The CDC still hasn’t spotted it. They never will because they aren’t looking and there isn’t anyone in Congress who is willing and able to hold them accountable. That will change next month when the House shifts to Republican control.

The FDA found it in the CMS data only because the signal is so huge and hard to ignore. But they can’t figure out if it is caused by the vaccine.

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo who is Chair of the Health Subcommittee is actually in a position to ask about this but she flatly refuses to talk to me and denies all meeting requests from me and any of her other constituents who tries to point out something is wrong. When I try to ask a question in her town hall meetings, I’m first in the queue, but I’m never called upon. This is how members of Congress avoid being held accountable to their constituents. 


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