Peckford: Where is the National Stampede to Reform the Emergencies Act?

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Where Is The National Stampede To Reform The Emergency Act ? I Propose Some Ideas To The Leader of The Conservative Party and The Green Party Leader:

Now that all Canadians know or ought to know that this Act is seriously flawed —a Government authorized to examine itself?How ridiculous! Undemocratic!

Or are Canadians satisfied to continue this charade of pretending all is well as an autocratic regime of Liberals and Socialists tear the country a part?

Where is the Conservative Party ?Has the party proposed amendments to the Act?

Where is the Green Party ? 

Where are the Senators ?

Where are our THINK TANKS ? Can they act with concrete proposals to save our democracy as well as talk. 

Where ‘s The Canadian Chamber of Commerce with its conflicted President sitting on the Covid supply agency?

Where is the Canadian Federation of Independent Business?

Where are the Unions ?

Everyone it seems is feeding out of the public trough one way or another . IS THAT IT? 

We won’t mention the mainstream press , academia——-they have already received their monetary instalment of thirty pieces of silver. 

Are there are no independent MP’s , Senators left?

I challenge the Conservatives and Greens to propose amendments to the Emergency Act to make it democratic. Here re some suggestions which I think are essential to improve the Act. 

A. Improve the provisions of what constitutes a Public Order Emergency ! War, insurrection, demonstrable evidence that the country is in peril not just inconvenience for some spoiled Ottawa citizens whose city is subsidized by ALL Canadians. 

B. That the Government is not authorized to examine itself by setting the terms of the Inquiry and appoint a Commissioner. Rather a special Parliamentary Committee composed of MP’s and Senators who will compose the Inquiry. The terms of the inquiry to be set by Parliament not the Government. There will be no Commissioner appointed by the Government.

C. The Parliamentary Committee will have all the Powers necessary to conduct a full, exhaustive Inquiry and it must be public and available electronically to all Canadians. 

D. The Parliamentary Committee will have the power to call or hire anyone or organization it deems is necessary to ascertain the facts .

E. This Committee will the hold public hearing across the nation , one in a city of each of the Provinces . The three territories would be served by BC for Yukon, Manitoba for North West Territories and Quebec for Nunavut. A final concluding hearing would be held in Ottawa.

F. The Committee will have two years to conduct the inquiry from the time the Public Order Emergency was revoked. and produce a report to Parliament . The Committee in a written request to Parliament may ask for one extension of 3 months and granted by Parliament if it is convinced that such extension is demonstrably justified . 

G. Accountability is key. The Committee is to engage a legal team to be responsible for determining the legal and constitutional validity of the invoking of the Act by the Government . 

H. The Committee is to engage a team of legal experts to determine whether there are grounds as result of the Parliamentary Committee’s findings to recommend civil or criminal action to be taken against the Government , its agents, individuals working for the Government or its agents. 

I. That the Parliamentary Committee be so composed and/or its rules so constructed that a majority on the Committee representing the Government cannot close down the operation of the Committee if there is still important relevant information to be provided . A Panel of the two Speakers of Parliament and the Ethics and Conflict of Interest Commissioner will provide the final judgement if this becomes contentious and /or unsolvable by regular means . 

J. If the Committee finds gross incompetence , Committee recommendations are to be provided on how to correct this problem .

This is not exhaustive and many details omitted that Parliament can establish but it is the kind of direction that I think the citizens of this country want and deserve. And any mention / criticism of cost is easily rebutted by the Government waste through the pandemic as detailed by the Parliamentary budget office and the hundreds of millions provided overseas annually or the $31 Billion this year in Federal Government infrastructure spending. 

If there is a will there is a way to make this happen or at least to force the Liberal/NDP regime to have to vote for or against such democratic proposals. 

If we are to restore our democracy consistent with the will of the people through their Parliament this is one necessary step that must be taken .

I will send this to the Parliamentary Office of the two leaders , Pierre Poilievre and Elizabeth May. 

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