Jagmeet Does Have a Sense of Humour

Or maybe no sense at all. Does he not see how he has betrayed the past values of the NDP and betrayed the working Canadians the NDP used to represent?

WATCH: MPs Erupt In Laughter After Jagmeet Singh Says He’ll Be Prime Minister

InsightSpencerFernandoDecember 14, 2022

Pause for effect?

Jagmeet Singh has been Trudeau’s best friend in the House of Commons.

While the NDP was once a party that would sometimes take principled positions on civil liberties and other issues, Singh has turned the party into nothing more than a steady supply of votes to keep the Liberals in power.

Not only has Singh propped up the Liberals and helped them pass legislation that will expand the government communications bureaucracy and reduce free speech, he has voted in favour of the carbon tax over and over again.

Plus, with the Liberal-NDP Pact protecting the Liberals from the risk of an election anytime soon (unless the Liberals chose to go earlier), Singh has also reduced accountability in the system, because the Liberals know they face little real pressure.

Remember, Singh said that he wouldn’t end the Pact even if the Liberals were found to have wrongly invoked the Emergencies Act.

Singh had betrayed the heritage of the NDP by voting in support of invoking the Act in the first place, and he keeps doing the bidding of the Trudeau Liberals.

So, when Singh stood in the House of Commons and talked about how he would be Prime Minister, his remarks were greeted with reams of laughter.

You can watch the moment below:


“Singh: When I’m Prime Minister, I’ll—
House: lol
Speaker: (after 20 seconds) … order”

While Singh’s remarks are laughable given his subordination of the NDP to the Liberals, the damage that the Liberal-NDP Pact is doing to the country is no laughing matter.

Last week, they voted against removing the carbon tax from food production, denying Canadians some desperately needed relief at a time of high inflation.

Singh’s socialist ideology, and his willingness to keep the Liberals propped up, is weakening democracy in Canada and keeping Canadians locked-in to a high inflation economic nightmare.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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