Kirsch: I think its Gonna be a Long Long Time

Rocket Man has lasted off from twitter because – Covid misinformation. Somehow having all the expertise of a famous singer allows you to opine on all celestial matters.

Steve Kirsch has a response.

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Elton John: Why not call for government authorities to engage in a discussion?

If you want to stop misinformation, quitting Twitter is not an effective way to bring people together. Encouraging debate, as UCSF Professor Vinay Prasad has done, is the most effective approach.

Steve Kirsch

4 hr ago


Executive summary

Elton John is quitting Twitter because he doesn’t want to support a platform that spreads COVID misinformation. This is ironic since Elton John himself is a major COVID misinformation spreader.

Elton claims that vaccination works, but he won’t show us the data. The data shows countries which vaccinate more have higher COVID and all-cause death rates than those countries which avoided vaccination. 

The bigger issue is that we will never resolve our differences of opinion if the people who are supporting the government narratives disengage and refuse to discuss the data. Encouraging debate, as UCSF Professor Vinay Prasad did 2 years ago, is the right approach

For nearly 3 years, government authorities have refused to engage in debate about COVID mitigation policies. That’s the fundamental problem. 

Elton, if you want to help solve the problem, encourage the UK government authorities to come to the debate table. Or debate us yourself.


Here’s Elton’s tweet announcing that he’s leaving Twitter:

But Elton John himself is a primary misinformation spreader as Mark Crispin Miller pointed out in this article which included this YouTube video telling people to get vaccinated. It’s short. Watch it now:

Elton told the UK, “The more people who get vaccinated, the more chance there is of eradicating the national COVID pandemic.” 

But that’s NOT what the data shows. 

Can we talk about it? If not, why not?

How well has Elton John’s medical advice worked out?

I’m going to use Japan as the example for following Elton John’s advice because:

  1. Japan is highly vaccinated and
  2. They keep meticulously accurate death records.

Japan obediently followed Elton John’s advice to a T and look what happened there: every time time there is a new COVID wave, more people die from COVID than in the last wave:

Also, it’s not just COVID deaths. All-cause mortality in Japan is at record levels:

Of course, some people might argue that it is COVID variants, and not the vaccine, that is causing these excess deaths in Japan. 

Let’s look at the COVID deaths rates in countries with very low vaccination rates such as Yemen (2.6%) and Haiti (2.1%), which are the two lowest vaccinated countries on the NY Times map. So I’m not cherry picking. I’m picking the two lowest countries.

Here’s the stats page for Haiti which shows only 860 COVID deaths in a population of 11.54 million which is a total of 75 COVID deaths per million (d/M).

Here is the stats page for Yemen which shows 2,159 COVID deaths in a population of 30.5M which is just 71 COVID d/M which is similar to Haiti.

Now let’s compare this to highly vaccinated countries like Japan and UAE. Both countries should show death rates dramatically lower than the countries which don’t vaccinate. 

  1. Using the same resource, Japan had 51,070 COVID deaths in a population of 126M, which is 405 d/M.
  2. UAE is highly vaccinated (99%), and they had 2,348 deaths on a population of 10M, which is 235 d/M.

What about the UK and the US?

  1. The UK isn’t as highly vaccinated (76%) and they had 212,766 deaths on a population of 67M, which is a breathtaking 3,175 COVID d/M. Wow.
  2. The US is slightly less vaccinated (69%) and has had 1,092,274 COVID deaths on a population of 332M which is 3,290 d/M.

We see the opposite has happened. Vaccination was supposed to make things dramatically better. Instead they made things dramatically worse. 

The US and UK have a COVID death rate nearly 50X higher than countries with very little vaccination. Why are we following their advice?

In fact, the situation is so bad in Japan that normally reserved and respectful members of the Japanese medical community are now furious as you can see by watching Japanese Professor Fukushima express his utter exasperation at the idiocy of following Elton John’s advice to vaccinate the population.

Personally, I would love to see a debate between the two infectious disease experts Sir Elton John vs. Professor Fukushima. 

Or perhaps to make it simpler, Elton can just produce data showing that countries which vaccinate more have lower COVID deaths? He must have this data in hand… it would have been very irresponsible to have made a TV commercial like that without the data. 

Elton: Why aren’t you using your platform to SHOW US THE DATA?

Showing us the data is frankly more persuasive than quitting Twitter.

We just want to see the data you used to make your decision to do the UK commercial. 

Why are you hiding the data? If you want to convince us to take the shot, you need to SHOW US THE DATA showing taking the shot lowers ALL-CAUSE MORTALITY.

Here, we see that not only isn’t all-cause mortality lowered, but COVID mortality isn’t lowered either. So it’s nonsensical to vaccinate anyone. That’s what the numbers show.

My offer to Elton John

Elton, we aren’t going to resolve our differences by avoiding discussing them. This will just divide people even further which is something you have said you don’t want to do.

Why can’t we come together and resolve our differences rather than make demands which divide people?

Would you be willing to have a discussion with any of the experts on my side of the issue

Or perhaps you would like a meeting with Professor Fukushima so you can school him in epidemiology so he stops spreading misinformation? 

If not, why not?


None of the world’s health authorities want to talk about the COVID vaccine data. They all duck and run for cover when challenged.

Perhaps Elton John will show all of us misinformation how we got it wrong? We would be delighted to have a discussion.

Elton, please use the Contact me link, check that first box for the reason code, and I’ll get right back to you to set this up. Thanks!

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