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Highlights from the Ron Johnson COVID vax meeting

Senator Johnson invited speakers from both sides of the COVID response narrative to meet in Washington on Dec 9. Oddly, only people who share my viewpoints showed up. Here are some of the highlights.

Steve Kirsch

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On Wednesday, December 7, 2022, in Washington DC, Senator Ron Johnson, the incoming ranking member of the Senate’s Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee held a roundtable discussion: Covid-19 Vaccines: What They Are, How They Work and Possible Causes of Injuries.

The very next day, thanks to the efforts of House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, the House voted overwhelmingly to repeal the vaccine mandate for our troops: 350-80 which is a positive step in the right direction. Now we need the Senate to do the same.

Participants included: Doctors Peter McCullough, Pierre Kory, Paul Marik, Ryan Cole, James Thorp, Renata Moon, Joel Wallskog, Harvey Risch, Lt. Col Teresa Long, Wall Street analyst Ed Dowd, Open VAERS Founder, Liz Willner, attorney Aaron Siri, and more. I wasn’t able to attend because I was just flying back from Australia so the timing didn’t work out for me. But all my friends were there.


Tap on the tweets and pictures below which will take you straight to the sources to view the videos.

My personal favorite highlight is where they showed the package insert for the vaccine. If you haven’t seen this yet, you’ll be impressed. This is the first time I’ve seen this:

“I have a government that’s telling me that I have to stay safe and effective and if I don’t, my license is at threat – We’re seeing an uptick in myocarditis, we’re seeing an uptick in adverse reactions, something is extremely wrong. I looked at the package insert; I pulled it from the mRNA product. I unsealed the box it came in and pulled this out and this is what it looks like. It’s blank. It says, ‘Intentionally blank’ on it.” – Pediatrician, Renata Moon, MD

That’s what’s passing for informed consent. – Sen. Ron Johnson

“All the vaccine mandates should be dropped immediately. We need immediate funding for vaccine injury centers of excellence across the US for screening, detection, diagnosis, prognosis and management. …What is at stake here is death.” –Peter McCullough, MD/MPH

“What I have seen in my clinical practice has been a substantial increase of infertility, miscarriage, fetal death and fetal malformation.” –James Thorp, MD. OB/GYN

“Is this a vaccine or gene therapy?” – Senator Ron Johnson

“As I have said repeatedly, it came out of a gene therapy research program. These and the adenoviral vectors are absolutely gene therapy technology applied for the purpose of eliciting an immune response.” – Robert Malone, MD

“In 2021, in ages 25-64, the employed people [in the US] covered under Group Life [insurance] experienced a 40% excess mortality. As quoted by the CEO of an insurance company, just a 10% increase in excess mortality is a “once in a 200-year flood” so 40% is off the charts.” –Former Blackrock Senior Investment Advisor Ed Dowd

We had an entire health system telling us to stay home until our lips turned blue. There are plenty of [repurposed] drugs that have been shown to have antiviral properties. They were very quickly identified around the world and widely used but not in this country.” – Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

“In my hospital…they wanted me to use Remdesivir -We know according to the WHO, Remdesivir increases your risk of kidney failure 20-fold, your risk of renal failure 20-fold and increases your risk of dying by about 4%. It has no place in medicine, yet the federal government will give hospitals a 20% bonus …if you prescribe this toxic medication” – Paul Marik, MD

“What was Dr. Fauci’s holy grail of vaccines? HIV. Where are we with HIV and a vaccine? 40 years later – we don’t have one. Why? HIV also has a spike protein…it always mutates ahead of our efforts. We don’t have coronavirus vaccines for a very simple reason: they always mutate ahead of our vaccine efforts and always will. We’re playing whack-a-mole with a virus. That’s why early treatment was so important–not chasing an always-mutating virus with a vaccine.”-Mayo Clinic-trained, Board-Certified Anatomic/Clinical Pathologist, Ryan Cole, MD

You can view these clips and more on VSRF’s Rumble Channel.

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Percey Blakeney6 min agoMuch of the success of a legal representative depends not just on knowing relative laws, but, also, on imagination.(1) Every doctor who treats a patient does so under contract. One of the critical parts of that contract is, patients, reasonably, expect to be able to trust their doctor to tell the truth about drugs [and other relative things]. That includes being told of suspicions about a given drug, such as would arise when so many are dying after taking for profit drugs for which companies were granted exemptions, even if they abandoned standard test procedures.(2) Doctors practice medicine, just as attorneys practice law. That means much of what they do is art. By compelling doctors to lie about a for profit drug, or risk loss of livelihood through the practice of medicine, legislative agents are destroying a most critical part of a doctor’s practice, his or her ability to think outside the box, and do all they can to treat their patients.(3) If a legislative authority can make laws grounded on little more than lobbying profits and the want of those unqualified to practice medicine, it is tantamount to saying we can do away with most the profession entirely and just legislate our way to health.(4) By imposing the condition of saying something a doctor does not believe to be true, the doctor is being forced to lie. If they were in a court room, this would be called perjury and could land the doctor in jail, or, at the least, cause them to suffer financial and other penalties that could be very significant.This could pose a problem for the corrupt and/or ignorant/stupid people imposing the law, because it creates a conflict of law. As noted, this would be considered perjury pursuant to court rules and law. Part of the problem rises out of that at least one conflict between laws was created by imposition of a demand medical personnel lie, if their educated opinion conflicts with other agents’ story line. Either perjury is allowed, or it isn’t. One law has to give way to the other, but which? The time tested law requiring truth in statements, so that legal proceedings can be trusted? (5) A law compelling a doctor to say other than what they believe at peril of losing their ability to practice medicine could be said to be extortion. Legislative authorities imposing the threat via law, and even the administrative officials executing the laws, could be subject to RICO and other laws prohibiting such crimes. . . . . Expand full commentReplyGift a subscriptionCollapse
ownwellness6 min agoI saw the complete roundtable that provided a good summary of what we already know from several other reports, interviews, documentaries. But it seems that after almost three years, the amazing team present and many others seem to keep going on and on and on on the hypothetical idea that there is a coronavirus and a spike protein that caused the first wave and its variants or actual synthetic spike protein now causing massive damage. But what about the presence of graphene and other substances that seem more like self assembling electro circuits found in the experimental injections? What about the magnetism experienced by thousands of people especially after the first shot? What about the many studies and patents with graphene in the biotechnology, AI, nanotechnology that anyone can find when willing to learn about the multiple “ potential” applications of graphene hydroxid, oxide and more? What about the connection between the thousands of new antennas placed all over , the increase of chemtrails and the presence of weird parasites and graphene in foods, supplements, the municipal and bottled water, rain water , anesthesia, insulin and practically every consumer good possible? It seems La Quinta Columna and its thousands of citizens following their findings since early 2021 are looking at vaxxed and unvaxxed blood and consumer goods under the microscope and observing how the many dying suddenly happened to be near a large antenna or with their cell phone in their hand. The spike protein seems more another illusion, since nobody has even found the virus. Could it be that the blood with graphene stimulated by microwaves looks like spikes As anyone can see when placing a magnet next to it? It is time to get out of the box and see the connection between acute irradiation syndrome and the symptoms of “ Covid”ReplyGift a subscriptionCollapse

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