JoNova: Who Rules America?

The United States of the FBI

By Jo Nova

As  Scott Adams says “The cover up of the cover up is working”

Picking Presidents?

It’s the story of the century that isn’t selling many papers — how the FBI held onto the Hunter Biden Laptop-from-Hell for months and actively colluded with media outlets to suppress that news, all while US voters were deciding whether to vote for his father for President.

The FBI knew the Lap Top contained evidence of corruption of the highest order, yet chose not to investigate. They also knew the story would probably leak in October and were actively contacting Facebook and Twitter on a weekly basis before then to pre-empt it — so that the bad news could disappear and wouldn’t hurt their chosen candidate. When the FBI wanted news suppressed, the media giants  “handled ” it in a flash. They could make whole newspapers disappear.

The real story of course, is still that the men with guns are deciding which crimes are worth investigating, what news you are allowed to read, and who the voters should vote for. This makes the USA a lot more like Cuba or Russia than anyone wants to think, and it matters to all of us — even outside the US. This dark influence is a black hole in the free world with event horizon out in space.

In the world we thought we lived in, this would be the lead story and day after day.

Who rules America? The Spies?

The DNC (Democrats) could also make the media giants sit up and pant, but when push comes to shove it’s hard to imagine how the Democrats would scare the FBI more than the FBI would scare the Democrats.


We know now the New York Post reporting on the laptop was correct before the US 2020 election, but Twitter not only blocked their account entirely — they stopped anyone sending direct messages with the link as well.

The Twitter Files and the silence of the hacks

Tom Slater, Spiked

The Hunter Biden story could well have changed the course of the 2020 election.

A political party using a Big Tech platform as its personal censor? A potentially consequential piece of journalism suppressed during an election? What happened to the Hunter Biden laptop story should take its place among the great free-speech and journalistic scandals of the 21st century. And yet much of the American media is still trying to downplay this debacle, and has responded to the Twitter Files with a mix of silence and derision.

On Twitter, elite journalists have gone after Taibbi, often using the same attack line – that he is ‘doing PR’ for Musk, who has been keen to expose the Hunter shenanigans since he took control of the company.

I’m no expert in US constitutional law, but this looks a lot like agents of the security state outsourcing censorship to the private sector.

We always knew the media was corrupt, sensationalist partisan hacks, but the bigger problem seems to be that the FBI are too, and they are vastly better at it.

Photo: Jamal Wilson

h/t Bill in AZ, David Maddison, Another Ian, John Connor II

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